Friday, May 30, 2014

Prayer For Parents

by Adrian Păunescu

Enigmatically, quiet
Simply finishing their intents
Next to us they fall and die
Our darlings our parents.
Call them Lord, just call them there
From their life long misery
Make them young as they once were
Make them younger then we are.

Just for them, for those who made us
Do a miracle or something
Maybe just delay them thus
Maybe they could start again
Cause they just paid with their lives
All the errors of their sons
God please make them live for always
Our darling dying parents.

Look at them how they just went
Look at them how they're just gone
Candles in a cuckoos' nest
How they're mute and how they snow.
Full of illnesses and pain
We are getting back to earth
As we still are, as they still are,
Comfort them and help your parents.

The ground's getting heavier
Separation even more
I will kiss your hand my dad!
I will kiss your hand my mom!
Why you looking down at us
Our daughter and our son
I am me that's following
I am going too my love.

I would kiss your hand my dad!
I would kiss your hand my mom!
Say farewell to you my son!
Say farewell to you my girl!
You're my father, you're my son,
You're my mother, you're my girl!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

McMinnville Oregon UFO Fest

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Too many distraction from the trip. It was one of the most difficult drives of my life. Everything on my way there and back was on obstacle. I should dedicate a whole post only to the trip, if i ever will have the time. And there was this guy, a photographer that was following me everywhere. I though he might have been paid by someone to shadow me, i mean to just be present there to say it was not me who was taking the pictures. I caught him but in a very badly moved one.