Monday, April 3, 2017

On A Roll

Like usually it's been 2 hours since i'm out and i was on a roll with everything and everybody basically turning around me.

Just put the pictures have some stuff to do i will write the stories later. Major things. Basically i went to the refuge and got smoked by some farmers who don't care they burn a truck full of debris after pruning the trees and smoke the whole city of Sherwood. Then two guys putting some red fence on the sidewalk blocked one lane on Schools Ferry at peak hour then the guy with BAM81 LPT then the guy with unprotected garden pruning debris (for doubling) getting on purpose on front of me, more than 10 yellow school buses going to garages, one almost hit me during a weird left turn maneuver, then on Cruise way i caught 4 out of 5 lights (I5 was stopped and i wanted to take a shortcut through LO then when i got back on I5 it was flowing normally though it never did at this hour etc.

The guys with the red net wanted to prove that i did the same thing when i took the garden picture. I stopped in an area with continous yellow line but i was completely out of the street. However some big vehicle ostensibly passed on high speed and crossed the yellow line just to prove it.

Question: How many people dedicated their activity only to myself? I'd say at least hundreds, today. So deja vu! Pas beau, Lebeau!