Sunday, September 30, 2012

Parallel Reality Media Shows

It is a current practice to manifest media events with huge emotional value, often fabricated or created as needed, that semantically mimic real current events with no causal relationship whatsoever among them, the parallel and real events, and ultimately creating strong thinking patterns based on emotions that will influence the subjects' decisions regarding the evaluation of the targeted real events, without even mentioning them.

By example, you can increase, diminish or even ruin a political figure's reputation just by projecting some causally unrelated news that are very closely semantically related to what the subject is or was doing in his life without even mentioning that person.

Sometimes it is enough just to mention keywords built from past news that will trigger a whole mental process of acceptance or rejection or reloading of a certain political symbol or focus point of then current political paradigm.

It is impossible for any law enforcement institution to prosecute or sometime even to detect such activities.

And by the still legal means of the polls, or "other, more modern feedback tools"  they will know if the public is starting to realize what's going on and will gradually retract those news and replace them with ever more subtle ones.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Endless Hole

For a week now i'm re-caulking a ~5-10 mm 1/2" thick 6-12" long space between the bathroom wall and floor next to the bedroom using GE Silicone II of about 6.50 a tube. One day a redo a portion the next day it hardens just fine and 2 days later becomes soft like the 1.25 dollar cheap one made of milled limestone and an adhesive. Two days ago i completely removed all the material and put a new one. Yesterday it was hard and completed today now is just disintegrating. But every time i touch the stuff that's already in the wall the rest of the day my hands become stingy and skin slightly paralyzed all over after taking a shower. I just went to Lowes and gave the tall blond guy who says he's one of the managers a tiny sample in a plastic bag and asked him to send it to the manufacturer. But he didn't even ask what brand i bought, he showed total lack of interest. Last time i bought two tubes i discovered at the check-stand that one of the tubes was cracked and took it back. Then another manager of the store, an older guy to whom i gave the cracked tube told me the expiration month on the tube was September 2012. (There was this Lowes bearded guy standing behind me so close i felt uncomfortable and couldn't talk more with the manager. I remember that the bearded guy one recent time i went there he was standing there band with his  but right in front next to the paint department. That made uncomfortable as well.) Then they opened a new box with the expiration date 04/13.

Before caulking i discovered the corner with the missing wallpaper was cracked to pieces, i had to pour gypsum and redo the corner, using some transparent plastic molds, but you cannot pour gypsum all over you have to keep the edges clear of touching anything because if it touches the floor or a beam it's gone crack later due to vibration.

I did the whole thing because of the unidentified smoke coming out of it, i remember the first day i did the gypsum my face was stingy because of the smoke. The cracked parts of drywall i took out of there were brown inside because of the years of smoke. The rest if it probably still is. The apartment below is vacant for more than one year, i don't know exactly where the smoke is coming from. After i re-caulk there is no smoke for one day or so then it becomes soft in different areas not all of it and tiny holes appear together with the smoke.

47 Eagle Crest dr, Lake Oswego, OR
47 Eagle Crest dr, Lake Oswego, OR

47 Eagle Crest dr, Lake Oswego, OR

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Change Is The Only Constant

I've just been reviewing - briefly - this article

And it seems they are many that bought Kuhn's ideas. And perfected them. And here's the exploit: Statistically, we all see only one slice of the social reality or the paradigm shift, as they call it at a certain time. For reasons that we are busy with our such perceived comfort. Or by reason of learned behavior. Or by reason of artificially created focus points. Or simply because we are not sociologists but only live in the society... Our bad luck is that many of us choose to look in the expected direction at the expected time and sometimes even applauding collectively and approving the whole shift without knowing it as a whole. Never-mind some are changing facts and rules on the fly or tearing holes in the fabric of reality or current paradigm shift in those unobserved gray areas and creating new shifts as long as we're not looking. To us the casual observers it remains the same shift as long as we didn't know it as a whole. And in the case somebody after a great deal of effort is pointing a few of us to look into those gray areas, they can adjust or insert other previously nonexistent gray areas and still make the shift appear whole. (Here, as an example and proof they are following this theory, the on demand fabricated news often with adjacent but not directly related events, for creating confusion). It is not the same shift anymore. But to us it seems as actually it is as long as we didn't know the whole from the beginning and accepting the new additions. As long as we are buying it.

Or simply eliminate or move the few or the some. For our comfort.

They can even create the appearance of two completely different shifts out of the same one to different individuals or groups of different cultures or embraces or simply of any difference including of space or time or if they look into different areas or if they think and act on cultural or biased assumptions instead of learning the rules and the facts of the paradigm shift.

We should never forget, for the shifters change is the only constant.

02/01/2013 1:56 PM PDT

It just occurred to me that in order to successfully deal with reality especially in unknown surroundings one should continuously build dynamic models, adding and subtracting information from the current model. Sometimes he/she even has to switch models in a blink of an eye due to sudden change of scenery, the entering of another entity, etc.

Obviously we have to forget classical sociology when we try do add the concept of scene in reality modeling. Physics, physiology, statistics, perhaps geometry and sociology together are at place here. Can we apply the idea of paradigm when we describe an instantaneous, ever-changing model of the surrounding reality? By definition, is the opposite. However, is the same concept, only applied dynamically. Or maybe it only looks dynamically as we slice reality, or the bigger picture, in order to deal with it one scene at the time?

The ideea that some people got into the habit of entering one's current paradigm through the back door, totally artificially, intentionally, usually pretending legitimacy but introducing some obvious, apparently benign, weird events in order to distract him/her and change his/her final decision on how to deal with it or if he/she is going to deal at all is intriguing to me right now and actually motivates me to write these. I'm convinced that some occult practitioners or even entire social groups have learned to do things by manipulating one's paradigm especially when the subject cannot react and creating all kind of effects, some possibly at distance.

Let's take an example here. Crossing one's path when unexpected and usually the subject is overlapping current monotonous activities like walking or driving with other activity like distant thoughts. When done obviously intentionally and while the subject knowing that statistically that event shouldn't happen at that moment, it violates one's privacy and current reality model forcing him to try to resort at a larger model in which the described action would fit. And while he is trying to do this, the intruder can escalate it even more, by introducing more elements and information like an unexpected gesture, reveal more clothes' color, facial expressions usually justifiable later but never at the present to the subject's mind, or noises or language, escalation that would end in crushing one's ability to deal with in that moment and become totally distracted, disoriented and in a trance like state of mind. This collapse of one's ability to understand what's happening and puts his mind in a sort of slave-like status, in that moment accepting any input as suggestion (if not giving in to uncontrollable emotional bursts that can pull the subject out of this type of cognitive trap but usually risky as the intruder is ready to interpret it as aggression towards him.) Thus unprovable reprogramming of the mind can occur. However, i believe next to every model acquired in ones collection of models known as education this way there is a flag that says "learned on distress" and could be accessed in a process similar to psychoanalysis or clearing of engrams.

Such intrusions sometimes can be used during the waiting time before a meeting or a conversation, when the subject might even try to prepare him/she-self, with carefully arranged, avoidable in the last second accident-like situations usually in the last intersection before the meeting place, or simply two or three people acting weird together in front of the subject in the waiting lounge before the meeting, putting in him in a distracted state of mind and making him more suggestible, depending of what their intentions are.

It may very well that the person that intrudes this way in one's privacy apparently don't even needs to go much out of his/her way to do this, along or close with his normal routine, this way being almost impossible to prove anything. This of course if there is a distribution of such tasks within the members of a group. Or could this be an instance of actions of individuals guided by a "collective subconscious"?

Although this always seem to happen unexpectedly, when analyzed, even carefully, these events are always justifiable down to a certain level, giving for the distracted mind, in that moment even more frightening experiences, looking like a never ending string on coincidences that target him. Only when carefully, objectively analyzed, sometimes the trick can be revealed, but usually with addition of more information and time and effort, sometimes with the entering of more characters pretending helping analyzing and often being covered up with similar events, creating a similar type of effect, so the instance cannot be easily turned as a complaint to the outsiders. Usually one easily discredits him/her-self if he tries to do this in a hurry, because of confusion of elements from two different but very similar instances.

Other examples can go all the way to introduction in the ever changing, continuous local news show of shocking elements, carefully chosen from the otherwise statistically normally distributed local events, matching some groups or even individual's state of mind, although in a twisted and toxic way in order to change minds and creating some sort of virtual, parallel, mocked reality.

(One particularly other  good example of reality recognition manipulation is parallel talking. You can talk to a person who for some chosen reason prefer not to talk to you directly about a subject, but starts talking using phrases composed in such way that they contain for the much part the information they want you to catch, without even touching the subject. Usually in the last part of the phrase you realize they are talking about something else. It also gives them the advantage of seeing you reacting at those informations without much risk, other than an "unjustified emotional burst" that he/she might even be prepared to take advantage of by claiming agression. Parallel talking next to intentional mistakes that pretty much do the same job as describe above has become lately very widely used in media. However they cannot impact you on a subconscient level as privacy cognitive intrusion through unsuspected action as described before because they come pretty much when you are expecting some sort of input from that source, whatever it may be. Or even people talking in front of you on a phone, conversation that you don't usually pay attention to and then asking you a question that might be influenced but what you just heard)

(Sometimes the newcomers are "embraced" at first invoking some moral principle they presumably abide by and let him get used to. Then unconsciously, suddenly or constantly they introduce some unrecognizable elements into his/her already learned paradigm forcing him/her to get assimilated or enter in a state or permanent confusion, discomfort or even distress and desire to leave, for no definable reason. But this is the more common, happier case.)

Sometimes the subject him/her-self is active participant or made to look so, by synchronization of intruders with his/her activities, and creating a false sensation of causality, feeling of embarrassment or even guilt, which is furtherly exploited in creating distraction, disruption, trance and reprogramming, or psychosis and/or emotional bursts. Or even more troubling, something like erasing one's thoughts with overlapping, or entrainement with very similar ones, but belonging to others, making one forgetting or bowing his own self?

Could this influence others' mind at a distance through some unknown bio-transmission mechanism, like emitting a distress or even a surrender call? I don't know, but statistically, by the number of these practitioners and instances encountered, it is an indication that it is done so.

But if there are some religions that include these kind of practices in their un/declared rituals, could they still use them in the larger society on basis of the principle of the freedom of religion, since it is obvious that they could significantly interfere with the whole?

Could this kind of experiments prove indeed the existence of a collective mind or a social integration on an unconscious level? Maybe temporary. Maybe on subconscious level on lower educated individuals. Or maybe between close relatives or larger DNA alike ethnic groups. Or maybe the existence of an unknown or unrecognized bio-communication system that can work best when one is in a very acute state of mind or total relaxation.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Oregon XLX

There was some kind of a smoke this morning in the apartment. (I later filled some more cracks near the bathroom floor next to the bedroom wall. It appears that vibrations make walls pump stuff from inside outside. It actually makes sense since the during vibrations the air from inside goes outside because of the rhythmic change of air volume between panels in empty interior walls.)

Last night i fell asleep late and this morning like never before i slept till noon. Then i woke up, read the news and fell the smoke choking me. It was cigarette smoke mixed from shit smell from the ground level neighbor's bathroom. I can recognized it as i smelled it once in the attic while his bathroom fan was working. Coming from the walls.

I left and drove towards the park. And then it started as usually. Some asshole in a black SUV possibly Chevy Suburban with license plate Oregon XLX was putting out diesel smoke or oil smoke from the pipe. I couldn't see the license plate and drove faster so i can read it then pulled in the park's parking lot and called DEQ's hot number to report the smoking vehicle. First i told the woman the location and then the license plate number. She went: "That's not a complete number" and i said "no ma'am that's the whole number" and she said "thank you", then she hung the phone. Then i realized, maybe she thought that it was a joke, given the number. Then i called DMV and asked if that was a valid number and the woman said yes, and i asked how can they issue such numbers and she said maybe it's a Roman numeral, anyways, everybody on the phone seemed up to something. (By the way let's see what XLX means as Roman numeral... 50, give or take ten).  Then i stepped into the Tryon park and all hell broke loose. A very low altitude very high RPM very high noise plane flew by (By the way the parking lot was empty, i was the only one there). And lots of other things happened for the 45 minutes i was in there, maybe i'm gone continue this tomorrow.

Live Histogram In Optical Viewfinder

Different metering methods in modern photography have all something in common. They measure light in different ways using a sensor array. And display the average or weighed average or some sort of related indication on the optical viewfinder in the form of an indicator under a scale at the bottom of the image. So you have an intuitive indication that even tells you which way you have to correct the exposure, moving that button or ring in the other direction until you get it right. So you can turn the button until you come close to center or do it completely automated, sometimes using exposure compensation to move the indicator one step or a few permanently off center.

But here came the digital cameras with megapixel sensors and real time computer processors. They can use the main or auxiliary sensor to measure way better the light. Why? Because instead of having let's say 9 sensors that measure light in a conventional array, they have millions of pixels, each actually being a sensor and not only on broad spectrum but color specific.

But how to use this new fantastic possibility? The first way they thought of is the histogram. I looked at the definition of the histogram especially for the purpose of writing this and it does not match with my intuition on the subject.

What the "live histogram" function in my camera does is it displays in real time an animation with number of vertical bars in the left lower corner of the LCD display when in that mode, each bar giving an indication of the number of pixels of a certain intensity (for live histogram, black and white only thus an average of all colors). So actually the software in the camera counts many times a second the different intensity pixels on the sensors and displays them in an animated graphic. I don't know why it is called a histogram. To me is just a graphic with light intensity on the X axis and number of pixels on the Y.

Nobody really needs to know how many pixels of a certain intensity are on the screen. But by looking at the "histogram" one can instantly... well it depends of one's definition of instant... can realize if there are missing pixels of a certain intensity, and this happens usually at the left or right end of the graphic. Or how "thick" is the "histogram", that giving you an information of how much usable information is ready to be transferred in the flash card when you press the button. Missing bars on the right means i'm underexposing and on the left i'm over. If the last right bar touches the top of the graphic it means i have "burnt" - saturated, useless white pixels and on the left, black burnt pixels. It's that simple. I am saying by one's definition of instant, because it actually takes seconds to look at the histogram on the LCD display and interpret it even in the most intuitive way. And by doing this you lose the framing and change the histogram itself. Then you have to come back at the optical viewfinder for a better framing and this is serious time when you are trying to take instant or candid shots.

Histogram is the best and unmatched exposure measuring method before taking the picture, the next best thing to looking at the picture itself after. But even looking at the picture sometimes you cannot tell if you have burnt pixels but the histogram will tell you. Another method of visualizing the burnt pixels is one of the many display options on the camera on playback mode, when you can see them as blinking areas.

If you have a big, fat histogram with no bars touching at the ends, you will have the most incredible, fine tone, balanced, high contrast, high dynamics and colorful image. And that will not always be with the exposure indicator in the middle. Sometimes, the indicator is 3 or 4 steps off center while the histogram shows the best picture.

But then I've been thinking even further... Why a histogram anyways? What if you had an indicator like the one in the picture above that would work using the same information used to draw a histogram from a megapixel sensor (instead from the metering sensor array), through counting all the pixels of a certain intensity and instead of displaying the histogram, displaying an indication of the thickness or the white area on  the histogram, and letting you center it (or optimizing the non displayed histogram) while adjusting the exposure the same way as with the current indicators based on the old metering systems? After all it is all the information you need and use from that histogram. With keeping the histogram only as an option.

My Sony DLSR 300 has two sensors and two mirrors. One is the main sensor behind the lens and mirror like any DSLR camera. One, smaller, like for a compact camera, is up near the prism like in the images below and it works when the main mirror is closed and secondary mirror is tilted and is for the LCD display behind the camera body and not for the picture itself.

The optical viewfinder is unbeatable for framing. The histogram is unbeatable for exposure. So what if they could be combined?

Today (post date) i've been looking on the web for such a camera. Couldn't find one. I found some with an electronic viewfinder (that might include a histogram), which is better then an LCD viewfinder  because no ambient light comes on it (especially on sunny days) when you close it with your eye while watching through it but it has a poor resolution. It is a compromise with poor results.

And than i said to myself... What if the manufacturer would add a crude histogram made of let's say 10 bars on the optical viewfinder? But the problem with building a histogram while looking through the viewfinder is when the eye see the image through the optical viewfinder none of the sensors does.

I can think of two ways this can be solved, one by using the same second tilting mirror, or second, a semitransparent one, sort of like for the rear view mirror at cars in night mode and temporarily redirecting all of the light or permanently just a percentage towards the live (secondary) sensor. For the semitransparent mirror solution, you don't actually need that much of the image on that sensor since you only want to build a histogram. At the expense of the quality of the optical image in the viewfinder. Or by having a button that can (or periodically for short period of times) tilt the second mirror temporarily sort of like the main mirror opens when you take the shot, to redirect the image for short periods of times towards the live sensor just to build a histogram. My favorite is the last one but both would still be better than switching to LCD viewfinder and back to optical as i am doing right now. And probably better than the electronic viewfinder, i don't know, haven't had one yet on my hands. And you are not so interested in the quality of the image when looking at the histogram and/or indicator anyways. (Or maybe even an eye direction sensor that would tilt the mirror while you are looking down at the histogram or indicator).

September 30, 2012 at 4.25pm PDT, Near Mt.Hood, OR

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fish in the Wind

Mr. Google was lucky that day with the wind with all the fish parallel to the street but didn't quit put the resolution in. I think i will go tomorrow there and do it right for everyone to see.

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OK there it goes, 09-24 12:22 PM.

September 24, 2012, downtwon Tualatin OR

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Selena Quintanilla

September 1995. Portland, Oregon. Selena and Sade and Alanis Morisette on all radio stations. What a nice music. To me Selena sounded like a cousin of Gloria Estefan. With pretty rich, professional instrumentals too... And then... What i didn't know was that earlier that year, the music died, again.

Today i was looking for her songs and i stumbled upon yet another memorable piece of music, a cut from a movie. Jennifer Lopez's movie debut. Or what make-up can do to a person.

La Raison

Le Loup et l'Agneau

par Jean de la Fontaine

La raison du plus fort est toujours la meilleure :
Nous l'allons montrer tout à l'heure.
Un Agneau se désaltérait
Dans le courant d'une onde pure.
Un Loup survient à jeun qui cherchait aventure,
Et que la faim en ces lieux attirait.
Qui te rend si hardi de troubler mon breuvage ?
Dit cet animal plein de rage :
Tu seras châtié de ta témérité.
- Sire, répond l'Agneau, que votre Majesté
Ne se mette pas en colère ;
Mais plutôt qu'elle considère
Que je me vas désaltérant
Dans le courant,
Plus de vingt pas au-dessous d'Elle,
Et que par conséquent, en aucune façon,
Je ne puis troubler sa boisson.
- Tu la troubles, reprit cette bête cruelle,
Et je sais que de moi tu médis l'an passé.
- Comment l'aurais-je fait si je n'étais pas né ?
Reprit l'Agneau, je tette encor ma mère.
- Si ce n'est toi, c'est donc ton frère.
- Je n'en ai point. - C'est donc quelqu'un des tiens :
Car vous ne m'épargnez guère,
Vous, vos bergers, et vos chiens.
On me l'a dit : il faut que je me venge.
Là-dessus, au fond des forêts
Le Loup l'emporte, et puis le mange,
Sans autre forme de procès.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Real Thing

The good news. Today i finally saw in the news a real political issue of the campaign (Wich by the way comes from the Latin word Campania or the current Italian word campagna with the root campo which in English means field (of battle) and in English the word has the root camp which is often associated with a military campaign). How much Mitt Romney paid in taxes last year. 14 million dollars. Real money. The real deal.

After or in the middle of a campaign that projected on us a different reality, that of politics, which seems to have to have a life and rules of its own, that has nothing to do with the apparent social reality, but maybe the underground of it, since it looks like there's an apparent connection between the delirium of the campaign and the society, that eludes apparent logic but keeps it going on. It has to do with projected images and their feedbacks, the polls, that guides both candidates forward. Or the ghost of it, if nobody believes it anymore.

The other real tangible issue of the campaign that also catches attention is the reality of Barack Obama's birth certificate.

Anything else?

We'll all live and see.

Turn Signal Lever.

Wednesday i decided to go to Beaverton Police to make criminal complaints regarding the situation described in the two previous entries, Computer Age Auto Service and Easter 2008. That night i only slept about 4 hours and i was very tired. When i left from the parking lot i realized the turn signal lever was broken, it was still working but very big play and when signaling left the windshield wipers were turning on. I went yesterday to Steve, my mechanic at Lucky Autobody in Beaverton and he said only the parts are more than 300 dollars, money i don't think i have to spend.

Wedndesday at the Police Station in Beaverton, around 9 AM i picked the phone in the hallway and told the dispatcher what i was there for. They dispatched an officer name Rountree?. I also had in my pocket a sample of the padding from under the carpet that is smelling very strong like chemicals to show to them.

In the Police hallway there was this long line with people that were paying fines and a tall African American officer with badge number 614 that later said he was officer Chris Warren who also looked like a known celebrity. After waiting for more than 20 minutes, no policeman showed up sent by the dispatcher and officer Warren took me to a room downstairs near the hallway and took my complains. Basically i was complaining that two different celebrities, before and after 2000 as described in the linked above were impersonating other people pretending they were living in this area and having business like auto shops or fence building around here. In the end he threatened me with putting me in a mental facility and called the Victim Assistance Person who turned out to be yet another celebrity look alike, a blonde female, not very tall, with a round face and blue eyes, just under 30 years old. But they changed their minds after i told them the story with dr.Sigurtsson.

My place, post date

Last year (2011) @ July 4th i wanted to change the padding from under the carpet. I removed the carpet and the padding. I tried to use some pet enzyme to remove the smell from the padding and almost died from the smell. Then i went to a store on 72 near 217 in Tigard and bought a big roll of a new padding. The new one was pink in color. After removing it from the transparent plastic cover, it was smelling worse than the one i had. I took it back to the store but it wasn't until several month later after i made a call in Tillamook? when they returned my money, @70 dollars. Couldn't find a less smelly one even at the Tigard Lowes or Home Depot.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Fall of Adapters

This morning the phone was off. The adapter fell from the plug. Again. Although it was held by a rubber band i put around the plug cover for that purpose. The adapter was hanging in the rubber band with the two contacts slightly off the plug. Then i went to Fry's to buy stronger rubber bands. And in the Office Supplies department here they were. In a bag about 8x6 inches for $1.65 they were about 500 rubber bands of all sizes. And then i told myself. What to do with 500 rubber bands? And i gave up. And said to myself again. The plug-in AC adapters are not supposed to fall from the plug. I'm gone figure out something. The plugs where i live are probably @30 years old but in fair condition. Everything else stays in there. The adapter for the modem never fell. And then i realized, for the first time in my life. The heavy adapters with a transformer inside are not supposed to be the plug in type. They should have a cord and sit somewhere not in the plug. They made a big mistake when they approved for sale something like that. The plugs were not designed to hold such heavy weight. I weighed the phone adapter. It's 100 grams. Almost 1/4 pound. And it only has 2 contacts. One regular plug with two contacts is about 10 grams. When they first designed the plugs for homes i'm sure they didn't have in mind something like that. And the two active contacts are not round like the ground one but flat with the flat side in the vertical rotation plan and they turn around under weight and fall when you use an adapter with only two contacts. If those adapters would use a third contact not necessarily for ground but just for mechanical stability, it would be better. But where were the regulators in this case?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dan Duncan

On February 9 2010 i moved to Lake Oswego. One month after i lived in both places trying to clean the new one, with no much success. Soon after i finally moved, i saw those devices that count cars on the streets. I can't remember exaclty when right now because i am too tired and have no time to sort things out but i will re-edit this post as soon as i have the time to accurately put all the data in. But what's important to me right now is i remember every time i was driving around especially on Boones Fery Rd i was seeing at least one police car. That didn't necessarily bother me. Then i saw this horrible news. And ever since things are getting rougher and rougher @here. Or it's just me that i can see more. Anyways, it was a bad omen. Police these days are after a misterious killer of a misterious murder descended directly from a movie. But the death of Dan Duncan was ruled from the start of "natural causes". I am just curious, how many people in the force are still from the old team since Dan Duncan's days in LO?

Everything Bela

Can't remember since when i'm listening to Coast to Coast, linked below in my favorites. But it was for sure since Art Bell was the host of the show. Maybe ten years ago. But it wasn't until recently that i made the link in my mind between his name and the stuff he was promoting sometimes in his show. The same as George Noory does today. Not that i don't like the show. It's there i find out as UFO Phil says thing i need to know on daily basis.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Easter 2008

April 26-27 2008. At the Romanian Christian Orthodox Church in yes Oregon City, Oregon. The one known to us as Cristina Botez, my wife's friend since her cancer fighting days in 2004, who is also known to us as a christian but non-orthodox wanted to come to the Easter service that lasts well after midnight. I remember some streets were closed that night due to Bill Clinton's visit at some High School in the area a couple of miles away from the church (he stayed overnight) and she had a GPS and went using a different route to Sherwood and we went to Beaverton and got a little bit lost through detours in our way back home.

Everything Bela

Today, Jezebel by Sade (pronunced şade, exactly like in Romanian)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Felt It

It's been a while since nobody called me crazy in direct reference to the number of my hospitalizations in psychiatric wards. Maybe because i haven't talked to many people lately... Maybe because there's no one to talk around... Anyways, passing over the peculiarity of me having to quote my own blog, there are two posts directly related that i will try to bring to your attention.


It is probably obvious i would have never have written the two posts above if it didn't happen to me. Usually when i'm alone, i start feeling sick, dizzy, paralyzed, to have palpitations and i usually then have trouble walking to the door and outside. I know if i can make it inside the car, start the engine and drive away then i'm better. I know because i drove so many times to the nearest hospital or urgent care facility only to find out on my way that i was getting better. That after i called the ambulance so many times, but that was many years ago. And then i tried to think. What is really going on? But usually i'm so violently sick that after i get better i tend to forget everything. Then recently, before i left, i noticed, every time there was some kind of noise outside, usually a car engine or even train humming but not at constant speed. And usually combined with some sort of bad smelling smoke much stronger outside that i didn't even realized inside. And if i paid enough attention, i realized the noise modulation was synchronized either with my breath, my heartbeat or both. And that's why i started thinking that maybe i'm target of some weird sound and physiology based atacks. Why and who? I woundn't try and speculate about it right now. But it is happening, last time, not earlier than today.

Probably based on remote measuring EEG, EKG and breath. Probably by hooking a car's computer or more than one car's computer to a system that's doing this or remotely hacking them through unknown means. One thing i'm 99% sure of. It is happening and probably if not recognized and not reacting it can severely disturb your activity and ultimately make you very sick. Why when you're alone? Probably because it's easy to remotely measure your vital signs.

In the softer version, it can even roughly analyze your EEG and if combined to a huge database containing what you've been doing lately, seriously disturb and influence your thought process, at the price of feeling very uncomfortable most of the time.

In my particular situation the noise is even associated with emissions of toxic substances let's say mineral dust from under the bathtub through a crack in the bathtub caulking i discovered later that comes out when vibrating the whole tub at resonance, or from all the bottles from under the sink with different cleaners and detergents that i found ALL with the cap loose and each having a different resonance frequency thus allowing a remotely controlled release and even controlled mixture of substances that can have a very annoying effect.

And if you are going to the hospital or doctor he's not going to find anything through conventional means. It is not detectable let's say after one hour after it's happening. And even when it's happening, it's just a disturbance of breath and heart rhythm, or electrolyte imbalance. That can be also severe on a short therm. Or you can have a fibrillation on the EKG like i had a couple of times.

Repeated, on long term, it can easily qualify as torture. But these are things worth of another post.

My place, under the bath tube, before

My place, under the bath tube, after

Everything Bela

Today, Cow Belle Cafe in Rockway Beach, OR

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July 3, 2010, Cow Belle Cafe, Rockaway Beach, OR

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Everything Bela

Today, Bella Organic Farms, Portland, Oregon

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Google Maps, screenshot, post date

Ok the maze has changed last summer. They replaced it with Donald the Duck. On my September 2012 screenshot the Google copyright date is 2012. Has the picture in the screenshot, copyrighted 2012, been been done in 2011 like the one that is right now copyrighted 2013, probably done in 2012? That means by the time i heard that radio commercial about Bella Organic, right after i done the first few Everything Bella posts, comercial that prompted me to do this post the current picture on Google maps has already been done by the google drones. Did they make that commercial just to draw attention? Anyways, the name of the farm is still Bella Organic Farm.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Everything Bela

Today, Bella Furnishings, in Beaverton, OR.

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September 14, 2012, Bella Furnishings, Hall Blvd, Beaverton, OR

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Everything Bela

Today, Bellagio's Pizza, Tigard, Oregon

I've been there once, soon after 2004. Recommended by a friend. Who in my mind looks exactly like Jessie J.

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Computer Age Auto Service

Ran By David Diggins of now Texas?, who i met at Beaverton Church of the Nazarene (he had a breathing problem, he was wheezing) in 98 then we went together to a Bible study at Ron Boger in Beaverton, now in Vancouver, WA. Wally Johnston, chaplain of Beaverton Police, Robert (Shawn) Parker of Beaverton, OR, Carlton Smith of Aloha, OR and of course pastor dr.Dennis Swift now of Portland, Oregon. And many others. Can't remember when i last saw David, in 2002? He fixed my noisy truck (found a loose rocker arm bolt) and created a coolant leak that stayed there for many years without the coolant level to go down... Actually i found out about a year ago, it was an engine imbalance due to a spark plug or wire... And my wife's car many times... With his Mexican helper...

I remember David kept asking me "What for did you go to school so many years, George?" and now i think i can answer him, so i can now write this blog, David...

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Now i have to confess, i wrote this because of a picture i found on the internet and a voice in a video that looks/sounds exactly like David's. Part of the reason is i don't have cable and don't go to the movies at least since 2004. One day maybe @2009 the apartment manager at the other place in Beaverton (Sussex Village Apartments) came to our door and told us to remove the satellite dish from the kitchen window. And that was it we didn't get cable because back then the non HD cable had 240 lines, half of NTSC resolution then we got used to the antenna and now we have HD on the antenna and spend too much time and money on the internet anyways. A graphic artist from New York put a number of photoshop altered pictures of artists as how would they look those men/women if they never became celebrities but lived a normal life. This one below taken from there is supposed to be Tom Cruise, fatter, perspired and dressed casaually.

David Diggins?

Missaligned Intersection

Never go straight crossing the intersection between Kruse Way and Bangy Rd in Lake Oswego. Where Kruse Way Ends and 217 begins. Coming from Kruse Way going to 217 or the opposite. Why? Because the lanes are misaligned, by about 4 feet or the width of the dividers between the yellow lines showed above and there is no sign to show it. You have to seriously pull to the right or left in order to stay on the same lane. If you are on the left lane coming from Kruse Way you are at risk of being hit by the cars on the right lane if they go straight and the other way around.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Linia escu

Toţi românii au fost spălaţi pe creier, de la venirea lui Ceauşescu până în prezent. Este linia escu, cu un plan pe termen foarte lung, de a reduce România la nimic. Antonescu nu a fost altceva decât next level (probably last before game over). Nimeni incluzând pe cel ce scrie nu avea habar de nimic. Cu excepţia unui grup din care fac parte şi intelectualii şi politicienii oficiali. Am fost deconectaţi de restul lumii pentru decenii. Au profitat de comunism şi fiind deconectați de vest prin cortina de fier ne-au deconectat şi de URSS sub pretextul independenței, în spatele cortinei de fier bineînțeles. Am devenit ţara cea mai izolată din Europa cu oamenii cei mai ignoranţi (olimpicii, ca să-i izoleze pe cei mai inteligenţi în specialităţi, adică să le dea de lucru şi să ia ochii tuturor în acelaşi timp) iar în mod paradoxal Ceauşescu cel mai itinerant politician din lume. Şi cu sutele de mii de turişti care veneau în special la Poiana Braşov (Jurnalul Naţional, LOL, nu pot să-l accesez acum, ori e down ori internetul meu iar a luat-o razna). Dar asta e altă istorie.

Ne-am trezit dintr-un coşmar dar cu câteva decenii în viitor. Iar în timp ce noi descifrăm abc-ul vieţii în general, nu numai al democraţiei, ei merg înainte, integraţi într-o anumită parte a civilizaţiei universale, care în prezent are mai multe viteze şi direcţii. Iar faptul că nimeni nu înţelege mare lucru din ce se întâmplă e un semn bun al revenirii la realitate, căci nu e nimic de înţeles. Tot ce se spune sau scrie are alt scop decât cel declarat, titlul sau ce te-ai aştepta după primul paragraf. Fraze aiuritoare pseudo-umoristice cu trimiteri la alte fapte şi evenimente. Mai trist şi mai tragic e că se creează evenimente care să genereze ştiri şi buzz numai pentru a se interveni în psihicul colectiv la un moment dat când cred ei că e necesar. Este stilul sau metoda paradigmatică, care întotdeauna bate în altă parte. Rod al ştiinţei unor urmaşi avansaţi ai lui Freud pe care noi îi putem numai bănui că există şi lucrează, undeva în laboratoare populate cu maimuţe macaque sau în faţa unor monitoare legate la supercomputere pe bani ciudaţi. Exemplu, articolul care urmează şi care m-a inspirat să scriu acest post care îmi stătea de mult pe inimă.

Friday, September 7, 2012

DEQ - What For?

There was a fire in Tigard last night. I live in Lake Oswego in the area called Mountain Park. I can barely breath inside. Either that or the smoke is coming from the Gorge or from Vancouver where there was also a grass fire. I took a look at the DEQ real time readings from the stations across Portland. None of them reports anything unusual, the air quality looks "Good" according to them. One question comes to mind. Do they work at all or they are just another waste of tax money?


Pentru cine încă îşi mai bate capul să înţeleagă ce se întâmplă în România. Pentru toţi oamenii de bun simţ care par încă să existe după unele comentarii de pe forumurile pe articole din ziare. De obicei nu mă gândesc mai mult de 5 minute dacă să scriu ceva. Ceva ce de cele mai multe ori îmi stă pe suflet de mult timp. În schimb după ce am citit ieri Caţavencu ( am vreo 10 ore de când mă gândesc dacă să scriu ce urmează. Dar cu o paranteză aici, se vor diminua multe speranţe dar nu şi şanse. În ideea că orice informație suplimentară poate să micşoreze iluzii şi să mărească şanse.

Dacă e adevărat ce scrie aici, atunci trebuie să adăugăm şi următoarele:

Cine a cumpărat cartea poate să confirme sau nu.

Nu mai rămâne decât să adaug: după ce PNL se va declara învins de sine însuşi ca PNŢ atunci românii vor trebui să se gândească care va fi ultima lor scăpare, partidul u-nick care să vegheze la bunăstarea noastră. Că nu mai avem loc nici în partidul piraţilor.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Winner Takes It All

One of my first tough encounters with English language. After i've learned the very basics of English in high school, i once heard this song. Twice. Many times in discos and on the radio. Never figured out the lyrics though. Part of a northern ice cold culture. Maybe it's common knowledge to them. Maybe one day i'll learn it. Till then i'll keep listening. The voices sound still nice and fresh to me.

Smart Meters

Reedited 09/07/2015

How are the damn smart meters affecting your privacy. Nobody i heard so far got it right.

Don't get me wrong. They save a lot of human work and (real) inconvenience for everybody by not needing to manually read them. But they shouldn't be wireless. Why?

Anybody within a few miles with a receiver and encryption cracking device could get your meter's data stream. What that means? Every few seconds or on interrogation the meters send the very instant power consumption. With a little bit of software the privacy intruder can figure out what you are doing in your house with seconds delay. Each appliance and device has it's own unique power consumption. When you turn on your TV, your computer, how much you use the fridge (by how many times you open the door, the more you open it the more it has to work), water heater, when you turn your bedroom's or bathroom's light on, when you when you take a shower (the heater will start working about a minute after cold water flows in to replaced the used hot water) and when not and so on.


Reedited 4/18/2014. In July 1996 we moved at 6810 SW Hall Blvd #16, Beaverton, Oregon. Sussex Village Apartments at the corner of Hall and Denney. I remember as of December 97 there was a Silver Dollar Pizza Restaurant exactly at the corner. Like 2 miles from where we live here there's Portland Community College - Sylvania Campus. But after 2004 the place was sold or rented to one of the Islamic Centers of Portland.

We had many neighbors until we moved out in March 2010. Dozens. So many stories to tell that if i sat here at this computer one year i probably wouldn't finish. Bur i never or almost never spoke to my neighbors. Kinda like here where i live right now.

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In the last few years in the same 4 apartments building was living an Arab guy who had a Russian looking girlfriend visiting him. At Nr.13. I assumed he was Arab by the looks and the language i heard him speaking with others and on the cell phone. I never met him. I also assume he was doing some computer work since i saw him carrying a laptop in and out of the building and into his Silver new Honda i was envying. And once the door was opened and i saw he didn't have much furniture and was typing at a big CRT monitor on the wall separating from the other apartment. And i think i remember he was making interesting noises while i was typing or chatting at the computer. I was suspecting at the time he was possibly one of the guys who studied in Romania during Ceauşescu and possibly speaking Romanian. I think he was about the same age or younger then me. He looked healthy.

And the cooking. Every Saturday he was cooking some traditional meal with sheep's meet. That meant boiling sheep for hours. The vapor of that grease was going in the attic and helped stabilizing the mineral insulation. Thus, i started feeling slowly, much better. Probably that's why my stomach pain that lasted practically since i moved in that apartment in 1996 ended in 2006. Probably the reason for my wife's cancer. (I remember some Romanian guy told me to eat sheep grease if i wanted to get rid of stomach pain. Which i did in 2004 with no success.)

In early January 2010 i saw him once pacing in the alley in front of the building with no apparent purpose. He was making a few steps forward than a few steps backwards then changing his mind and starting again. Kinda like me before i went to the psychiatric wards several times.

Saturday late evening January 23rd 2010 my wife found a vacation notice in the mail dated January 21. It said in 60 days we have to find a new place. No explanation. I spoke on the phone with John Lindquist, president and/or owner of Regency Management who i knew from Beaverton Church of the Nazarene we both attended in 96-97. The guy who was married to a beautiful Filipino woman. He only repeated several times: "George, it's time for you to move."

Next Monday @10 i was at my computer and on the phone already looking for a new place to move. I think i already called a place or two when i heard several loud bangs at someone's door. I didn't know which door. Somebody was yelling: Kaleb, Kaleb! That's when i first heard his name or any neighbor's name. I myself wasn't feeling good as i am not right now but my wife was at home and that made me feel safe. I went at the window and looked, there was this agitated Arab looking guy i think i saw before at Kaleb using a cell phone and in a few minutes the Police where there. No ambulance for sure, no firefighters as i remember. Just the Police. Later that day or a few days later a policeman came at our door and told us the guy was found dead of natural causes and asked if i saw him within the last few days. I told him i saw his car on Sunday before and after i came from Fry's in two different spots in the parking lot. A few days later i saw him or something on an ambulance carriage, covered with a black cover and that was it. Nothing in the news. Just a couple of armed guys at his door for a few days.

Here at the new apartment i had to fix the place for about a month. But i did not know about the role of the sheep grease in stabilizing the insulation and did not know about insulation getting inside through all kind of construction irregularities and mistakes as i do now.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

City of Lake Oswego Oregon Official Website
1:26 PM (2 hours ago)

to me
Thank you for submitting an inquiry to the City of Lake Oswego Oregon Official Website Citizen Support Center. Your inquiry has been logged and is being routed to the appropriate department for response. Please use the below case number/web link to track your inquiry online.
Original Request Summary
Date: 09/05/2012
Reference Number: 15869
Status: New
Name: George Ion
Phone: 503-675-5086
Source: online
Assigned To: ckirk
Assigned Group:
Topic Unautorized garbage item in the parking lot
Request Details: I am really confused don't know what to do about this. I live at the address mentioned in the note below the photo. It has been too long since the item is there for the owner association not to know so i don't think contacting them would make any difference.
Comment: Citizen request/question created.
 Thank you for using the Citizen Support Center. We welcome your continued involvement with City affairs.  

This e-mail is a public record of the City of Lake Oswego and is subject to public disclosure unless exempt from disclosure under Oregon Public Records Law. This email is subject to the State Retention Schedule.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Hole in the Wall

OK here's the deal. Behind one of bedroom's storage board when i moved there was a hole about as big as i could stuck my hand in it. About 5 feet from the floor level. I fixed it pouring gypsum 3 or 4 times so far.  First time when i painted again the bedroom i think. Last week i introduced the camera through it and took a picture around the corner to see how i put the foam (by touch only with a tiny 1/4 inch one foot long transparent flexible vinyl tube hooked to a foam can (Great Stuff brand). I couldn't have bend the exhaust with it, it's a bit stronger). Exactly where the two pieces of flexible exhaust coming from the ground level apartment are held together by a piece of duct tape that is too small, with too few turns and it probably leaks. It was also strangulated by the tape after it was bent. At the time i thought the smell was coming from the 1 inch space between the panels that i filled with foam. Today i took a better look at the pictures and saw the tape. Normally one would tape the joint for more than two width of tape.

(At times ever since i moved here the bedroom was filled with smoke. I remembered when i was falling asleep in the living room at the TV in the morning when i went in there were my wife was sleeping you could barely breath in there.)

I fixed the hole again a week ago. Monday there where these two guys with a big diesel powered truck that got lost around here and where asking probably directions on the phone for about 15 minutes. The sound was so annoying it prompted me to grab the camera and film them, twice. Actually they took off when i started filming them the second time.  I think it might have cracked again when they did that. Or afterwards from other vibrations from other cars and planes that pass and fly too frequently around here. I think i saw them one more time during the week after that. Lost again or maybe this time delivering. Only this time the crack was on the side with the plywood, near the exhaust housing. And was still wet.

But it is not possible for the gypsum to be wet after a week. Even if it is near a board that could have gotten wet (the housing board) The board from the storage does not touch it, it's about 5 mm apart. Enough for air to circulate and let it dry in a week. Last few days i've been very sick and there was smoke in the bedroom. I was waking up in the morning very tired and with my nose congested after few hours of sleep. I slept alone in the bedroom. I felt like i was drunk. Friday @noon i was almost fainting after hyperventilating for hours and then i took a look and felt the smell and opened the windows. Exactly when another neighbor (with the Jeep) parked under the window and opened two doors looking for something in the car for a minute or two.

It took me hours after if fixed it while hyperventilating until i got better.

When i fixed it again yesterday it was smelling like some weird animal urine. By the way, i didn't put the storage board back and it's completely dried after i repainted today. 24 hours but with a fan.


Here below is barely visible in this before picture taken from the attic (i wouldn't see if i didn't know it's there) the taped joint and i think you can see how it is strangulated. On the left you can see one of the thin pieces of plywood i used keeping it in place by pulling two nails while pouring gypsum then extracting them and letting it fall. Last time when i fixed i saw the pouring was very well formed, almost like continuing the drywall without noticing, except it cracked again exactly in the corner.

By the way even right now as i am editing this there is a little bit of smoke inside, my nose is congested and i feel like it' very hard to concentrate.

9-5 05 PM. OK, there's one more exhaust... The one coming from the apartment below that is vacant for a year and i don't know why... Some might... It goes under the bathtub then into the housing that is part of the apartment next to mine... Nothing to do there... Except open the kitchen window when the wind blows from West or the bedroom when the wind blows from the East so i equalize the pressure so the un/idendified smells from the wall don't come inside... Like it happened today when i forgot... Got to fill this one with foam as well...Cause the smell goes under the kitchen hardwood-floor and into the bathroom... I discovered this one because of a leak coming from the tub somewhere...

They always have to do it in pairs... For back-up...

But for that i'd have to go to Home Depot or Lowe's to buy more foam... And raise more eyebrows... Just finished removing the foam and the hairs from my hands...