Saturday, April 25, 2015

Electricity in Ancient Egypt

Pyramids are not only mounds of limestone or primitive concrete in slightly irregularly shaped blocks arranged by some strange but precise geometry. I mean they are for the most part. Inside there are complicated, outworldish structures that only a few on this planet understand.

All the drawings inside the pyramids (ideograms) are made to look at first sight as highly stylized and refined shapes and symbols representing everyday and mythical objects. I think they where drawn this way to mislead and be ignored by the unaware and the primitive. In fact they can be interpreted by every person's level of education and become apparent contradictory for those who can combine higher education and can also emulate a lower level understanding of the world.

They most likely contain instructions for designing of devices from a civilization that was in ways more advanced than ours, probably thousands of years more advanced, probably in a slightly different direction, most likely unsustainable.

Maybe localized or isolated here on Earth alien sophisticated and hostile ancient civilizations went in conflict. Could this be in conjunctions with other stories like Mahabharata. Or maybe they did something wrong and created Sahara or climate changes and had to move further north. Or maybe because of this

There are also strange coincidences in choosing the location of pyramids. One of their functions was and maybe still is interacting with the ionosphere. But this wouldn't have worked in a rainy area, because there would have been much fluctuations in interacting with ionosphere during rain. Also rain would have destroyed the outer limestone to a much greater extent. The location took advantage though of the rains further south. Coming on Nile, a body of water with predictable flooding, an ideal source of food. I mean, all you had to do was seed and rip. Also, Pyramids are located in the geometrical centre of the Earth. Could Nile itself had been changed course for the purpose? Etc.

And now let's take a look at some of the drawings.

There is little doubt to me that the four disks on a djed collumn represent high voltage insulators. But there could be more to it. Maybe entirely, if raised to full scale, they could be generators or receivers or resonators of wireless electricity from a distance source, that might have been (one of the functions of) the Great Pyramid.

The number of disks could tell an electrical engineer the voltage we are dealing with. Most likely AC but i'm thinking now...

For a century or so we all still digest Tesla's inventions. What if there's more to "basic electric devices" that he invented (generators, motors, transformers and coils)? (not thinking of the gadgets we use today). Devices deriving from higher science, all based on shapes and materials?

We all know they were writing with ideograms.

In this type of writing or communicating visually ideograms or hieroglyphs represent abstract symbols. By the drawing of the djed we may realize that at least in part it was dealing with high voltage.

Starting with this, through extrapolation we can hypothesize this is a representation of a CRT... Or other type of high voltage tube.
I found many representations like this, but slightly different. In some, the serpents may represent sweeping electron rays in CRTs. Those with the head of snake inward maybe be for cameras and outwards for TV sets.

But they could be several valid interpretation of the same ideogram. Those devices could represent anti-gravity or impulse drives. Narrow beams of gases accelerated in the middle of a vacuum filled tube to relativistic speeds and returning at the lower speeds could generate a difference in momentum.

Here we might have a light bulb in top of a djed that might act as a wireless receiver or even some type of unknown generator or resonator that extracts electricity from some unknown or distant source (Pyramid maybe). But the 23 degrees angle of the djed and the shape of the top may also represent Earth and its magnetic field.
Here is Tesla with a wireless bulb in his hand. High voltage, high frequency. (Why is Tesla represented always in a Vulcan mind meld session with self, or maybe it was trendy back then).
Heating? Don't know how the weather is in Egypt year round. But what about the walking anthropomorphic figures on the sides? Could this represent periodic migrations due to ice ages? Different populations separated for thousands of years surviving then coming in conflict? Or an illustration of the fact that moving heat like in heat pumps is more efficient then producing with resistors?
And last but not least. Are these light sabers from the Star Wars movies inspired by the djed? Just think of... jedi...

"There are two electrojets". No there are four. LOL