Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Când am auzit prima dată cuvântul parlament în România, mi-am zis oauu asta e, am pus-o, cuvântul parlament vine de la parlare sau parler adică a vorbi, ce mai, acolo se va rezolva viitorul nostru numai prin simple discuţii, ca între gentlemeni.

Dar nu am ştiut pe atunci că în România de azi nu se va putea ridica o clasă politică şi o elită care odată au fost extirpate ştiinţific.

După teatrul original discuţiile au degenerat, au devenit tot mai scurte, mai celulare, mai apăsate, mai cifrate până când s-a ajuns că unii vor să-şi dea demisia de acolo ca să aibă timp să vb mai mult la celular probabil.

Asta e, a venit tehnologia peste noi şi ne-a lovit la totate nivelele. Cartele, monitoare, camere, cascadori, 4G, bluetooth, toate gajeturile. Viitorul nostru pare în curs de rezolvare. Prin fibră optică, criptat, de nu ştiu unde. E pe router.

Imnul protestatarilor - propunere

Leadership, From Behind

First they were polls.

It is not proven but highly suspicionable that most top politicians are buying nowadays their pie charts from data mining companies that count seconds between clicks.

Cause you're not going to stay long on a page you don't like, right? You're going to continue your clicking frenzy a few seconds sooner than after something that really trigers your lingering admiration.

That's how they probably know what color should have their ties when they appear to sell you a contradiction.

I myself, since i started thinking like this, try and trick them. Stay a second or two longer then i should. Do some extra deceitful, caressing motions with my mouse on a face. Try to hold back a little.

Don't let them count on you! Really..., surprise them a little bit. Do something they don't know or never heard of...

Monday, January 30, 2012

Please help

In January 1990 i was in Bucharest with old man Lache (pronounced Laqae) for a few days. At night he was kinda dragging me to charge the armored police. One morning we were in a bar in downtown Bucharest, it could have been near or at the Intercontinental Hotel, and he introduced me to a guy who spoke perfect Romanian, with gray hair, about my height, about 40, in great shape, tanned, who had a short name and said he's coming from America. Being curious i asked him the usual for a Romanian back then, "how it's there" or something like that, and he told me a couple of things. First, "if you don't know anybody, don't have the right connections, you can be Michelangelo himself, nobody is going to pay attention to you". the second was "with a pack of marijuana you can ███ a whole city block".

Every once in while i think of what he said and still doesn't make sense to me.

Lache is dead for more than ten years now, after a stroke, in Bacău. Anybody can tell me who the hell the other guy was?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

John 1:1

John 1:1 in Greek. Click on the little speaker icon to hear it.

Noul Testament, Ioan, Capitolul 1, Versul 1. Click pe link-ul gri, apăsaţi icoana în formă de difuzor din căsuţa cu textul în greacă să auziţi pronunţia.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Kaiser, Khazaria, קֵיסָרְיָה and Lenin

The words have memory. One can understand history following the words throughout it. I think i'm not mistaking when i say a language includes during its evolution parts of the history of the people who spoke it.

I did once a search on the word Kaiser in the phone directory in the Portland area, where i live. There are hundreds, with (spelling) variations like Keiser / Kaizer / Keyser / Kyser / Kiser / Kizer / Kaiser and probably others. There is a city just north of Salem, the capital of Oregon, called Keizer. One of the first if not the first medical insurance company in the United States, still a major one today, is called Kaiser Permanente. And i told myself, there's got to be something about it. And i did a little research and i sent emails approximately more than a year ago to some of my friends with the results. Now i'm going to post them here together with more information.

There is a city in Israel called קֵיסָרְיָה.Pronounced Keisarya. English Caesaria. Built by Greeks, renamed by Romans in honor of Caesar.

There was a country between the 618 AD and 1050 AD named Khazaria north of Caucusus Mountains, between Caspian and Black sea. (Where the word Caucasian is coming from, of course!)

click on the map to enlarge, best with middle click

There was a region in Russia and Soviet Union where Volga Germans lived where most of these people named Kaiser came from in Portland area. During Soviet Union it was called just that, Volga German Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. On Volga river, of course, in the heart of what it was Khazaria, shown in the map above, some 600 years before. You can find the story of how they got there or how they got out of there in Wikipedia or in other sources.


Basically, Catherine the Great, a German princess, 6 month after she maried Peter III, also German, assassinated him and took the throne. In 1792 and 1793 she published manifestos inviting foreigners to come to Russia giving them land and many privileges. The settlers came mainly from Bavaria, Baden, Hesse, the Palatinate and the Rhineland, over the years 1763 to 1767. To make a long story short, in the end, starting about 150 years ago, they all came to the US.

click on the map to enlarge, best with middle click

There was Deutsches Kaiserreich and now there are the common words Keiserreich and Keiser in German.

There is the name Casimir in Polish and the name Cazan (that i know of) in Romanian.

I think the reader can get the idea by now. There's always google to help.

"Lenin's mother, Maria Alexandrovna Ulyanova (born Maria Alexandrovna Blank) (Russian: Мария Александровна Ульянова) (6 March [O.S. 22 February] 1835 — 25 July [O.S. 12 July] 1916)[1] was one of the six children of Alexandr Blank (born Israel Blank), and Anna Ivanovna Groschopf, the daughter of a German father, Johann Groschopf, and a Swedish mother, Anna Östedt."

Lenin was born in the town of Ulyanovsk, formerly Simbirsk, located on the Volga River.

However, the name Ulyanov may very well come from Ulus of Jochi, the name of the Golden Horde. Lenin by his father was one quarter tatar. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Horde

German, Tatar, Swedish, Jewish, watever, similar to the prince and princess or better said emperor and empress mentioned above, he had very little or no Russian blood in him. 

In 1995, in Portland, Oregon, i met a Romanian gentleman named Ioan Mladin. He taught me his version of Socrate's paradox. He also told me that "they" (he never said who where they) want to build the communism @here. Back then i did not know what to believe and i forgot.

Cristian Ioanide, ex director of the publication Romanian Times in Portland died not long after he put in one of his editorials the information that a large number of the people in Oregon are descendants of Volga Germans. http://www.romaniantimes.org/ioanide.html. That's where and when i found out the first time and i had to tell it to a German Romanian American guy i know around here. (The guy who looked like Teo Peter, but well after Teo Peter died in an accident in Bucharest, Romania).

Couldn't find the article in the Romanian Times archive. I will keep searching for the article where he wrote that. He was a friend of mister Mladin and i also met him once. That night when he hit a pole in the courtyard of Sfânta Maria Romanian orthodox church in Portland with his Mercedes pressing on the accelerator instead of brakes after he left and we were all watching the Romanian movie Balada.

Here is the map that shows where most of the Volga Germans are settled in the United States

And let's not forget that the fiberboard that the floor in the apartment where i live and in the one beneath is made, which is the main source of formaldehyde that i had to breathe continuously was made by a a company named Kaizer or a variation of it. It's under the carpet right now and i really regret i didn't take a picture of the logo that was printed on one of the boards when i sealed it with self adhesive shelf liners.

If i hadn't have that continuous stomach pain for 10 years until 2006 and didn't know any of these i think i would be much happier.

Here is the one of 2000 US census map.  But unfortunately, we don't see any Khazars here, only Germans.
click on the map to enlarge, best with middle click

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kick George Ion Contest

For some uncertain reasons it is fashionable these days to kick me (actually it's always been ;)).

Once they done kicking me, there's an instant reward. They become blessed, almost saints, but that is something only them can be sure of.

So i officially open a kick George Ion contest. I will give in the comments below points from one to ten to everybody that did that in the past or is doing it right now, as i feel it. There will be a prize, a special post in the blog.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Democraţie originală, alternativă şi analoagă

În stil Caţavencu

Ponta, acest glumeţ (clown) şi posibil recent navetist transatlantic a zis pentru toţi. Parlamentarii opoziţiei să-şi bage picioarele şi să-şi dea demisia.

Poanta e că poate are dreptate, ce rost are opoziţia care oricum nu face nimic până la alternarea puterii. Oare a vrut să facă vreo analogie originală cu ”toate ţările civilizate”? în care gentlemen-ii puterii şi opoziţiei agreează tot timpul la tot felul de compromisuri.

Căci într-o democraţie originală docţii (băieţii deştepţi) ajung la putere ori prin culisele puterii, propaganda (presa) care sunt cei mai deştepţi după cum spun ei înşişi fără încetare lucrează pentru ameţirea semidocţilor iar proştii oricum nu contează.

Ce vă faceţi fraţilor dacă un semidoct sau un prost care gândeşte logic se trezeşte brusc şi devine doct şi nemulţumit?

Şi totuşi hai să încerc, in final, să fiu pozitiv. Nu se poate fraţilor, parlament, democraţie şi în general ţară, fără opoziţie.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Into The Lime Light

Just painted! Click for better view.

Ever since i came to US i've been missing the comfort and coziness of the lime painted walls. I don't know it may be a cultural thing, back then we didn't have the option of synthetic paints, but it was a mistery to me and still is why people don't use it @ here. When i asked about it in the home improvement stores, after long explanations and descriptions, resembling small chemistry exams, people went into some strange, shocked, state and stared at me as if i was from another continent or something. NO, never heard about something like that!

But after browsing home improvements stores for years, and learning the second sense of word lime in English, in a corner, in the construction area, there it was, the bags with lime powder. Not for painting use, but of a much better quality then the one i used when i painted my apartment back in Bacău.

I bought if for a different reason since i was experimenting with ways of mitigating with formaldehyde but it was white enough for me to fall into temptation to try it on a corner in a closet. And surprise, it dried about as white as the old flat paint based on kaolin and titanium dioxide. And about as strong, according to the time taken to clean myself in the shower.

Then i read the MSDS and i was surprised it mentioned it had something between .1 and 1 % crystalline silica which is a known cancerigen and for causing silicosis, and the old kaolin based paint which had about the same amount of silica didn't have anything like this mentioned on the bucket.

Then i mixed it with water using the kitchen mixer and made it of about the same consistency the old paint had when i applied it to the walls.

After two coatings, it was still spotty at some viewing angles. It misses an emulsifier and segregates at the bottom of the bucket. Then i taped (old Apollo 13 technology :)) the mixer to the bucket and let it run at low speed while applying the third coating and voila! Spotless, white, warm and very nice smelling painted walls! No VOC, i mean zero (Volatile Organic Content). Actually, probably due to residual amounts of CaOH, it release oxygen and locks carbon dioxide while drying!

The lime i used was composed of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbontate (CaCO3 and MgCO3) wich are exactly the same ingredients that purified are used in supplements.

For a small bedroom i used about 19 pounds out of the 50 p bag.

Another nice surprise, it muffled the street noises by about 5-10 dB according to my ears!

Later, i learned it cleans very easily with Comet spay, which contains citric acid. So no need for blue tapes around margins.

The lime paint is very special. It breathes. With the normal moisture in the air, it accumulates or releases oxygen and locks carbon dioxide in excess. It locks other gases. It is like a chemical buffer, pretty similar to backing soda, but much stronger and on a huge surface. It promotes the growth of good bacteria into your place. It is very healthy and ecological!

And the best of all, the total cost of the 50 p bag was $8.50!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Formaldehyde, among us

For a better view please click on the pictures then on the little icons below.

For better understand of what's to follow, here a couple of links. No, better three:




Formaldehide as a resin has been long used before today's plastics, to make everyday objects. One of its commercial names was bakelite. Even today you can find in old electrical boxes things made of bakelite like relays and stuff.

Fiberboard is a very convenient way to use wood. You mill the wood down to fiber then mix it with formaldehyde resin and voila... Very cheap and regular boards that you can make wonders with it.

The problem with these is that they are slowly decaying with the result of formaldehyde gas.

That is very easy to understand if you have a floor made of fiberboard. In time, it looses its hardness and becomes soft and molds over all the irregularities of what's underneath. It doesn't break anymore but it bends. And that's because the resin turns to gas and all it's left is the wood fiber. In time, you will walk on something like sand, like on the beach...

To make a long story short, i had some dolomite, a mixture of minerals to treat soil for gardening that i bought from the store a while ago for a different reason. I accidentally mixed it with water and saw that on top in a few hours it accumulates some brownish stuff that smells sweet, very similar with the cabinets and the floor. And i looked onto the label of that sac and it says it has besides lime as main ingredient (CaCO3) 11% and magnesium (MgCO3) in different forms. I did a google search and indeed, some people are researching the possibility of fixing formaldehyde with different magnesium formulas.

I put some pans on the fridge and i saw over the last few weeks that the amount of brown stuff on top is decreasing to maybe 1/4 of what if was in the first day. I add daily water and refresh it if it gets too brown.

I think i got myself a cheap, reusable, visible, quantifiable, formaldehyde trap!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bruno Mars şi chart-urile

Am văzut ştirile azi, oh boy. Acum încep să înţeleg de ce chart-urile sunt aşa cum sunt şi de ce muzica pe posturi locale în ultimii 2-3 ani sună mai rău ca niciodată de când chart-urile şi probabil de când se dă muzică la radio.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why Chiropractic Works

For a better view, please click on the pictures then on the small icons below.

This idea came to me motivated by the dreadfull popping sound of my vertebrae during my first and only manipulation.

The chiropractor popped his fingers before the procedure right in front of me, "preparing me" for what was to come; the sound of maybe ten of my vertabrae popping like popcorn in the oven while he pressed once, shortly and decisively with both palms of his hands crossed on my spine! He explained me that the sound i will hear during the adjustment comes from the CO2 instantly boiling in the disk due to low pressure in a similar way the sinovial fluid would if you extended the articulation of you fingers and make them pop, due to the relative vacuum being created in the articulation (sinovial fluid). Obviously, he lost too many clients after the first visit that made it worthy to pop his fingers. As i was skeptic, he did it with several fingers until i started feeling for him.

I was never able to pop my fingers :( , but ever since i tried to figure how you can create vacuum in the disk by simply pressing perpendicularly on the axis of one's spine.

What's happening is the disks are being deformed as following: one side of the disk is being compressed and the other extended due to the fact that the angle between the axis of two adjacent vertebrae is changing. This can be observed in the pictures.The deformation is not equal on both sides. The compression on the side close to where the force is being applied during manipulation is smaller than the extension on the other side because the disk has a gel like structure inside but a hard "skin". During this procedure the disk is less compressed on one side than extended on the other. The result is a relative vacuum being created in the gel area that allows the eventual bulge to be sucked back in. It is literally a reduction or at least a partial reduction of the disk hernia.

The same with the succession of cat and dog yoga poses. The effect of this succession is very similar to the "adjustment" the chiropractors do.

This vacuum inside the disk is similar to what they obtain using traction machines, except is local and stronger. The traction machines extend all the spine and a few other articulations and then the extension effect is somewhat attenuated by a number of disks and articulations being extended in the same time.

Usually the explanation chiropractors themselves give about how it works is differrent, like alignement, subluxations and things like that. But if my explanation is the true one, it could lead to improvement of actual practices since it is obvious that the patient would benefit of rest after manipulation. If there is reduction of bulge that occurs the effect of reduction will be partially reversed by the compression created during standing and walking. With rest, the healing will be much faster and the number of manipulation decreased.

Although we cannot be sure of this either. Another phenomenon that occurs during manipulation is a hydraulic shock in all the adjacent tissues. The popping sound is there to prove it. This create a slight inflammation in all the surrounding tissues thus increasing the blood flow and accelerating the healing of the disk which is the biggest organ in the body that does not have its own blood supply and sucks its nutrients from the surrounding tissues. By walking and maintaining a higher heart rhythm and blood pressure, this effect is improved.

Monday, January 16, 2012


O altă chestie care am vrut s-o scriu cu ani în urmă. Asta sunt, un retard. Dar dacă n-o fac eu acum, atunci n-o s-o facă nimeni. În public.

"Reflexology, or zone therapy, is an alternative medicine involving the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, hands, or ears with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. It is based on what reflexologists claim to be a system of zones and reflex areas that they say reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands, with the premise that such work effects a physical change to the body.[1] A 2009 systematic review of randomised controlled trials concludes that "The best evidence available to date does not demonstrate convincingly that reflexology is an effective treatment for any medical condition."[2]"


Un articol din Wikipedia care trebuie mutat la http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_misconceptions. De ce? Nu există ABSOLUT nici o bază în logică sau practică pentru aşa ceva.

Poate chestia cu urechile, care este împărțită şi ea pe zone dar a fost şi este practicată de chinezi. Dar nu se numeşte deloc reflexologie.

Dar şi aceea s-ar putea să fie bunk.


În fiecare zi călcăm de câteva mii de ori pe TOATE zonele acelea. Deci se activează. A, poate de aceea cei ce merg mai mult pe jos sunt mai sănătoşi.

Aiurea. Mersul pe jos e cea mai veche şi mai naturală şi mai sănătoasă activitate umană.

Dar treaba e mult, mult mai tristă. EXISTĂ o ştiinţă care se cheamă reflexologie, dar e ceva mai ocultă. Începutul ei îl ştie toată lumea, se numeşte Pavlov.

Sfârşitul continuă cu laboratoare gen cum a avut dr Hauser care a fost dat afară de la Harvard anul trecut pentru neetică cu primatele pe când studia el body language-ul macaque sau cum se scrie.

Şi e cam aşa. Se folosesc tot felul de sunete aleatoare şi se înregistrează într-o bază de date extraordinar de uriaşă semnele vitale ale primatelor ascultătoare şi supercalculatorul după aia trage concluzia.

Cum putem aduce pe cineva într-o anumită stare doar cu mici sunete de care nici nu e conştient. Creştere, scădere tensiune, puls, respiraţie, oxigen în sânge, bioxid de carbon în sânge, calciu, sodiu, potasiu şi în general toţi cei peste 2000 neurotransmiţători cunoscuţi după ultima socoteală.

Dacă se poate ajunge la incontinenţă, excitaţie sexuală, transă, fibrilaţie, inconştienţă, stop cardiac, etc. folosind reflexologia? Da normal că se poate, ştiu eu pe cineva. Întrebări?

Scuze că am scris unele chestii cu litere mari. Dar chestia MĂ ENERVEAZĂ.

Deci toată moda cu reflexologia tălpii nu e decât alt cover-up fiindcă treaba e tare strategică mai ales în lumea noastă plină de gadgeturi.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Is This The Real Life

For Those Who Didn't Know

Charles Baudelaire

Au Lecteur

La sottise, l'erreur, le péché, la lésine,
Occupent nos esprits et travaillent nos corps,
Et nous alimentons nos aimables remords,
Comme les mendiants nourrissent leur vermine.
Nos péchés sont têtus, nos repentirs sont lâches;
Nous nous faisons payer grassement nos aveux,
Et nous rentrons gaiement dans le chemin bourbeux,
Croyant par de vils pleurs laver toutes nos taches.
Sur l'oreiller du mal c'est Satan Trismégiste
Qui berce longuement notre esprit enchanté,
Et le riche métal de notre volonté
Est tout vaporisé par ce savant chimiste.
C'est le Diable qui tient les fils qui nous remuent!
Aux objets répugnants nous trouvons des appas;
Chaque jour vers l'Enfer nous descendons d'un pas,
Sans horreur, à travers des ténèbres qui puent.
Ainsi qu'un débauché pauvre qui baise et mange
Le sein martyrisé d'une antique catin,
Nous volons au passage un plaisir clandestin
Que nous pressons bien fort comme une vieille orange.
Serré, fourmillant, comme un million d'helminthes,
Dans nos cerveaux ribote un peuple de Démons,
Et, quand nous respirons, la Mort dans nos poumons
Descend, fleuve invisible, avec de sourdes plaintes.
Si le viol, le poison, le poignard, l'incendie,
N'ont pas encor brodé de leurs plaisants dessins
Le canevas banal de nos piteux destins,
C'est que notre âme, hélas! n'est pas assez hardie.
Mais parmi les chacals, les panthères, les lices,
Les singes, les scorpions, les vautours, les serpents,
Les monstres glapissants, hurlants, grognants, rampants,
Dans la ménagerie infâme de nos vices,
Il en est un plus laid, plus méchant, plus immonde!
Quoiqu'il ne pousse ni grands gestes ni grands cris,
Il ferait volontiers de la terre un débris
Et dans un bâillement avalerait le monde;
C'est l'Ennui! L'oeil chargé d'un pleur involontaire,
Il rêve d'échafauds en fumant son houka.
Tu le connais, lecteur, ce monstre délicat,
— Hypocrite lecteur, — mon semblable, — mon frère!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Witchcraft As Martial Art

Maybe they should outlaw witchcraft not because of religion reasons which by the way would be wrong, but based on the fact that it actually does harm. Or at least some versions of it...

Or maybe it's time to take it to the... Olympics?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Ting. Tingle, tingle, tremble toes,
she's a good fisherman,
catches hens, puts 'em inna pens...
Vintery, mintery, cutery, corn,
Apple seed and apple thorn;
Wire, briar, limber lock,
Three million geese in a flock.
One million flew east,
And one million flew west,
And one million flew over the cuckoo's nest. 
O-U-T spells OUT,
Goose swoops down and plucks you out
To see the geese best, one must middle click.

When i was a kid i was teriffied by geese.