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हृदय सूत्र - hRdaya sUtra

This is not a translation - not yet. It is just an enunciation of the words of the mantra with links to dictionaries for each word. I used the short version from wikisource, which is slightly different from the song but i have to put the song for pronunciation. Where i could not find a word in dictionaries i chose the closest or divided the words into smaller ones until i found those. For those who don't trust they can verify each word using one of the dictionaries found here at nr.1 and 7 but it is my understanding that includes those.

Starting with second row with Latin transliteration, Arya avalokitezvara bodhisattva... you can follow the words of the song, sort of like at karaoke... If you loose track, just hit the refresh button on the browser or F5 and start over...

The apparent difference of words in Sansckrit in the video and below is because of using of different Latin transliterations. I have used the Harvard-Kyoto, the video uses some sort of direct phonetic Latin transliteration.

The reason for this small project was i was searching easy ways to learn Sanskrit pronunciation. But i ended by actually learning quite a few Sanskrit words and many other interesting things.

For those who don't know. Beware. This is a text central to Buddhism and equivalent to maybe Lord's Prayer in Christianity. Although the song and words impose respect by their own sounding, please treat it as such!

प्राज्ञ पारमिता हृदय सूत्र
prAjJA pAramitA hRdaya sUtra

आर्य अवलोकिते बोधिसत्त्वो
Arya avalokitezvara bodhisattva

गंभीरम् प्रज्ञापारमितायां चर्या चरम
gaMbhIram prajJApAramitA caryA carama

नो व्य वल्कयति स्म
no vya valkayati sma

पञ्च स्कन्ध ताः
paJca skandha tAH ca

स्वाभाव शून्य पश्यति स्म
svAbhAva zUnya pazyati sma

इह शारिपुत्र रूप

iha zAriputra rUpa

शून्यता शून्यता इव रूप
zUnyatA zUnyatA iva rUpa

रूपण पृथक् शून्यता

rUpaNa pRthak zUnyatA

शून्यता या पृथग्रूप
zUnyatA yA na pRthagrUpa

यद् रूप सा शून्यता
yad rUpa sA zUnyatA

या शून्यता तद् रूप
yA zUnyatA tad rUpa

एवमेव वेधन

evameva vedhana

संज्ञा संस्कार विज्ञानना नि
saMjJA saMskAra vijJAnanA ni

इह शारिपुत्र सर्व धर्म
iha zAriputra sarva dharma

शून्यता लक्षणा

zUnyatA lakSaNA

अनुत्पन्न अनिरुद्ध अमल
anutpanna aniruddha amala na

विमल नाना परिपूर्ण
vimala nAnA na paripUrNa

तस्मात् चारी पुत्र

tasmAt cArI putra

शून्यता आय रूप
zUnyatA Aya na rUpa

वेदना संज्ञा
na vedanA na saMjJA

संस्कार विज्ञान
na saMskAra na vijJAna

क्षु श्रोत्र घ्राणा
na cakSu zrotra ghrANA

जिह्वा काय मना सि
jihvA kAya manA si

रूप शब्द गन्ध
na rUpa zabda gandha

रस स्प्रष्टव्य धर्म
rasa spraSTavya dharma na

चक् सुर् दातृ यवान
cak sur dhAtR yavAna

मनोविज्ञान धातु

manovijJAna dhAtu

विद्या नविद्य

na vidyA navidya

विद्या क्षय

na vidyA kSaya

यवान जार मारण

yavAna jAra mAraNa

जार मारण क्षय
na jAra mAraNa kSaya


na duHkha

समुदय नीर धा मार्ग
samudaya nIra dhA mArga

ज्ञान प्राप्ति
na jJAna na prApti

तस्मात् अप्राप्ति त्वद्

tasmAt aprApti tvad

बोधिसत्त्व नम् प्रज्ञापारमिता आश्रित्य
bodhisattva nam prajJApAramitA Azritya

विहरति चित्त वर
viharati citta vara na

चित्तावरण नास्तित्व त्रस्त
cittaavaraNa nAstitva da trasta

विपर्यास्यति क्रान्त निष्ट निर्वाण
viparyAsyati krAnta niSTa nirvANa

त्र्यध व्यवस्थित सर्व बुद्धाः
tryadha vyavasthita sarva buddha

प्रज्ञापारमितायां मा स्रुत्य नतराम्
prajJApAramitA mA srutya natarAm

सम्यक्सम्बोधि अभिसम्बुद्ध

samyaksambodhi abhisambuddha

तस्मै ज्ञातव्य

tasmai jJAtavya

प्रज्ञा पर मित महामन्त्र
prajJA para mita mahAmantra

मह विद्या मन्त्र

maha vidyA mantra

नतराम् मन्त्र

a natarAm mantra

सम सम मन्त्र

sama sama mantra

सर्व दुःख प्राश मन
sarva duHkha prAza mana

सत्य अमिथ्या त्व

satya amithyA tva

प्रज्ञापारमितायां मुक्त मन्त्र तद्यथा
prajJApAramitA mukta mantra tadyathA

गत गत पारगत परसंगत
gata gata pAragata parasaMgata

बोधि स्वाहा

bodhi svAhA

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ioan Mladin vs Andrei Pleşu

There was a suspicion in my mind for a longtime now that the guy i lived with (near the furnace room in a 6x6 ft crammed space with only room for a bed) and my wife  worked for (and me just on occasions) in the fall of 1995 looked and especially talked like Andrei Pleşu. I wrote about this before in a separate post together with other resemblances. Today i was looking for some papers and stumbled upon a paper with Ioan Mladin's signature. Although he tried really heard to print his name not to write it, the handwriting looks a hell of a lot like Pleşu's. Can click on the image for better view. For best results open in a new tab with right or middle click.

Freeway Task Force

Today i was in my way to FBI. Too bad i couldn't find nobody there in weekend. Or so the guy at the door told me. I will make another attempt tomorrow. There are too many things happening i have to tell them and i cannot possibly put them all here.

But right before i passed this car they decided to change lanes without using the turn signal. I made a very sharp turn, then then changed their mind again and went back on their lane. They cut me twice. So i went in front of them and used the brakes trying to slow them down so i can take a picture. The guy was ready with a camera too, also covering part of his face.

Later i saw on a stretch of 205 with a large median a State Police SUV in the median space with a radar gun pointed at me but it was too far from the road to be able to catch someone.

Later i saw a minivan with four people inside and the driver was not using his hands, or keeping them very low, the van seemed to be driving itself.

For cars to be able to be driven themselves and not have visible sensors on top is to have military style GPS with a precision of inches.

In fact these too guys from the car below seem military to me. However the driver seemed South American, maybe Brazilian.
License Plate OR 237 EYU

Case NR.12-664146 OCT 26 2012, Lake Oswego Police Department

From: George Ion <>
Date: Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 2:06 PM
Subject: NR.12-664146

The time i made the phone call at home was 6:10 PM OCT 26 2012 and that was minutes after accident. There are also time stamps on the pictures attached. There is a picture with the rear of my car and one with the front of his. There is a picture with the offer for the insurance that has a date of OCT 25. But the date on the envelope is 29 as seen in the picture. I spoke with my insurance agent every day for the last 3 days. Minutes after the accident happened another gentleman showed up at the scene of the accident. He seemed to live in the neighborhood of,+OR+97035&hl=en&sll=45.424485,-122.707842&sspn=0.011928,0.026565&t=h&gl=us&hnear=Boones+Ferry+Rd+%26+Kerr+Pkwy,+Lake+Oswego,+Clackamas,+Oregon&z=16
The other gentleman, a younger blond tall slim person brought a pen probably from his home. The personal data of Michael Jivangi (a tall guy name is indian, muslim by appearance) was written by himself and i added the license plate, make and year of the car. There is also a picture with the brake reservoir with the broken lid from the vandalism case i reported separately. Actually there are several cases and instances. Please try and speak with Ben Schneider of the Lake Oswego Police to whom i reported another instance of vandalism on my car that happened several months ago.

There are 4 pictures attached. I forgot to tell you one more thing. The apartment nr 6 wich is right under nr.10 in the building where i live is vacated since September 2011. Before that there was an older, shorter gentleman with an old green van that was making strange noises at night like rebuilding something. He put blankets and blinds and then he left and i never seen anybody going in and out but many times there was strange smoke smells coming from the cracks in the wall that i finally fixed but even as i write this email there is a strange smoke here that i cannot explain that has a weird effect on me. Could you possibly check to see why there are blinds and blankets in this vacated apartment and nobody is there for more than a year and sometimes i still here noises?

At 7:30 Oct-26 an hour or so after the accident i went to the Doctors Express at 17437 SW Boones Ferry Rd Ste.100 for a checkup. There was a middle age Dr with a grey goatee and an younger Asian like assistant and another older gentleman in a blue suit with a gray mustache. The doctor first wanted to see the car, front and read. After the assistant took my blood pressure which was 160/90 with a pulse of 91. I gave them the Medicare card and my drivers license and they gave them back to me. The doctor asked me if i had any back pain and i said i only felt heat like after going to the chiropractor. After that i went a couple of times for different reasons this week and i got paperwork for both. Last night and today i asked them for the paperwork for Friday 26 but they are saying there is no record of me being in that day in there.
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Close Encounters of The Less Kind

My neighbor left @6PM and forgot the big speakers on. I don't know what it was on, TV, radio, don't care. But @8 i thought i had it and went for a walk. It's 11:44 now and it's still on by the way. I can only hear the base.

It's not the noise so much as the dust. I used some flat paint when i moved in thinking it's going to be better than glossy, more noise absorbent and with TiO2 that acts as a catalyst in it could help with decomposing the formaldehyde emanated from the fiberboard of the floor.

But when the half inch panels the walls are made of vibrate they also release dust. This type of paint catches dust easier and it releases it when a plane or loud car passes by. Sometimes exactly when you are trying to have a meal, ending in your plate. (I dusted the walls and ceiling with an electrostatic duster a couple of days ago).

So i left for a walk. There was a guy with a dog dancing with his dog in the night. I mean they made unpredictable, complicated moves and to me it looked a bit like he was driving his dog on the sidewalk and the street in a very curious and sophisticated way. Left, right, forward, back then again left, right, etc.

Finally passed him while cars passed me and went further down the street on Eagle Crest towards Stephenson. But exactly when i saw the two big neon 5s at nr 55, a noise and some lights appeared on the sky, first faint then louder and brighter, then louder then louder then i felt my spine vibrating. I pulled my phone trying to call home so i can record the noise on the answering system. But it took too long until it rang 4 or 6 times and the thing passed 100 feet above me, some 50 feet above the trees, climbing. I could see its gray belly with 4 wheels. I think they were 4 wheels. No, it couldn't have been the OHSU helicopter, that one is orange.

Two hours later i opened Port of Portland Noise Management page with a link to WebTrack site. As i was explaining to that lady at FAA one day (she said "what, your are tracking planes on a site???"), it's a site where yes you can track planes, not in real time, but with a two hours delay so you can complain (in vain, i tried so many times) of noisy planes or helicopters. So i waited two hours, opened that site and put in my address, time, etc and tried to figure what was that. It came from the OHSU all right, but couldn't figure the type of the helicopter or where it went cause it disappeared from the tracking area of the site just south of Aurora, OR. It might have been an emergency, alright, but why every time when i go for a walk on Eagle Crest when i come at nr.55, no sooner, no later, there's always one or two planes, civilian or military or helicopters flying by? Sometimes there are more as i go towards Stephenson. Always under 1500 ft which is the safety limit established by FAA. I assume it's 1500 above the ground level not see level, cause it wouldn't work on higher grounds. So if nr.55 is at about 600 ft, they are always in violation at that location. But why? Is nr.55 some sort of a portal to other dimension where there is no common sense, no laws and generally people can do whatever they want, including what they see in movies? Fulfill their fantasies and fly above a cuckoo's nest?

Or maybe they are just test flying a new helicopter they bought from the recent 125 million donation from Nike?

It took me about two hours for that strange physical sensation to disappear from my back. It literally moved my vertebrae in all directions.

When i climbed back on Eagle Crest from Stephenson, i saw at nr.55 the huge two car garage door opened withe lights on and a guy moving around the house.

But i was lucky. They were evenings where i could count 10-20 planes mostly big liners approaching to PDX from SE, most under the 1500 ft limit during a 30 minutes walk. Tonight there was only that helicopter and maybe a plane or two, can't really remember. Why are they approaching at this angle, since main runaway is kinda parallel to this direction, don't ask me. They go NW pass above here then make a 180 degree turn within 3 miles from the runaway then land from NW. But that is only @8PM and only when i go for a walk. Otherwise i don't hear them from inside. Here is the map with the tracking of the helicopter. Can click to enlarge. On the map the height of the house (apartment) is considered at 0 ft above see level which is not true. It is at 720 feet. The helicopter at its closest point of the house is just above 1000 but i thing it was just 100 feet above the house. I was not at home but further down the street at nr.55 as i said but my wife confirmed the big noise.

Why i didn't say this before? It's not really fun to write about these things...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Oops, He Did It Again!

Some credit him with starting the 1997-1998 financial crisis in Asia. I think it was the second notable hit (for the casual observer) in a series that continue until today. We know for sure he "broke the bank of England in 1992" making 1 billion dollars by betting some 6,5 billion borrowed money against the devaluation of sterling pound. I think at the time we all heard of rumors of insider information. I think a couple of Englishmen went to jail for that (still have to verify that). There are numerous accounts of his ventures on the Internet. From time to time he shows up in the media and makes predictions, warnings and prophecies.

Just opened the Wikipedia page and saw within the first self indulgent paragraphs that he donated 8 billion through charities to various causes including the first cited one, "human rights".

I keep asking myself, how do you donate money to human rights as a cause or concept? You have to give it to an organization and choose which one fights better for human rights vs other. Human rights is also related to the equality of all men.

How somebody can be equal to others when he gets huge amounts of money using insider information for betting against institutions most sensitive to our economical stability and development, always gets away with it, uses it to create unrest in different parts of the world then bragging about saying it was for human rights?

Especially by projecting self as a super brainy, virile, Robin Hood, marrying again at 82 with a 40 years younger woman still in her prime?

Now he made the news again with making money from devaluation of yen which as a financial genius he foresaw at the arrival of the new prime minister of Japan. What was this time, genius of inside info?

And all the billions he made was what, small fish lost in the anonymous ocean of the world's wealth that nobody keeps track of?

What can we say when these days the stock market is worked up with supercomputers that buy and sell in milliseconds in a continuous saraband of electronic trade belonging to organizations that compete to get those computers as close as possible to the building where the stock market has its own supercomputers, as the speed of the signal and the length of lines count in the competition?

One thing is sure, he's not the only one who's robbing the markets but the only that also twists it and uses it as positive image.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Be-Belu or Be-Bela?

"There's a sucker born every minute"

It's been a long time since i saw the title of this publication that belongs to

I wanted to signal the reality of the fact that in US a lot of people still strongly associate the name Bela with the name of the actor who first incarnated Dracula about a century ago then maintained in the public's conscience throughout decades through movies and media.

Even right now there is an ongoing commercial on networks about a ... lip-o-suction local company named... Sono Bello!

For Romanians, there are no such associations as the movies about Dracula entered in their conscience only recently and they do not realize the consequences of these associations and the fact they are actually in the middle of it all.

I suspected for a longtime now that there is quite a long list of words in modern Romanian that have been introduced, tolerated by bribed scholars, used by some as little trendy "language endearments - alintări" (actually more in sarcastic phrases which denotes the non-fully acceptance of the terms) and slowly promoted in the mainstream of our culture mostly within advertisement without the majority realizing how damaging this may be.

The word bébé is borrowed from French alright. But why add a diminutive suffix to it then contract it under the pretext of familiar use to get it to this final shape and add it to the title of a well financed and advertised magazine for babies' stuff?

Is it again a coincidence that the name of the most important cemetery in Bucharest is again, Bellu?

As for the name Bela, it started with the ex and current trainers of our Olympics Gymnastics Team. Painstakingly, right under the ignorant nose of the ex-regime they probably made great efforts to get those two chosen, but through what lengths did they have to go to do it again with the new ones? Bitang, Bellu, Bitman. I remember the first time i said something about, within the next few days Octavian Bellu got a decoration from the President of Romania, Mr. Băsescu.

Don't get me wrong, they might be meritorious people, but this is how the bigger picture looks.

How many others words, names, people and instances of this sort, fruits of the decades of efforts to undermine our languages are they and will they ever be exposed and/or stopped?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Planetary Alignement

I've always said astrology was/is a waste of time. And maybe it is for the most part. But today after viewing a short video with Gelu Voican Voiculescu presenting some stuff about planetary alignments and talking almost like a scientist, i was curious and opened Stellarium and set it on December 89. After all, 89 was the year of great and peaceful transformations in Eastern Europe. But while playing with the time wheel of the mouse back and forth it was not 89 that caught my eye but early January 1990. Take a look for yourself. I couldn't catch all planets in a single screenshot so i put two successive ones, one with the outer planets and one with the inner ones. They were pretty aligned allright. I'll keep on googling about until i can find some more info. But i don't think it happens very often. For those who asked themselves why i keep adding all kind of things from so many different areas. In college, i actually had to learn pages full of differential equations that i totally forgot describing the motion of planets when we had a whole chapter of Celestial Mechanics within the semester or year of the mandatory Theory of Mechanics course. It was enough to raise my curiosity about stars and planets and stuff. Then the Sci-Fi movies like Star Trek and Star Wars i love to watch. There was also a legend transmitted from generation to generation of students at the Mechanics Faculty within the Technical University in Iaşi about then retired prof.Mangeron saying that when NASA asked scientists from the whole world to help them with recalculating the trajectory of Apollo 13 after the accident actually he sent them the best calculations, and they actually used those to bring the astronauts back to Earth. (You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

Robots Bill Needed

Maybe they should consider a bill for robots too, starting from this model:

Friday, February 8, 2013

Timona Sache şi 40 comentatori

Poate că într-o zi va veni şi timpul când românii nu vor mai crede în Feţi Frumoşi, Ilene Cosânzene, zmei, balauri şi alte tele-basme fermecate. Până atunci, citiţi blogul Timonei cu postul despre Gigel cu haremul (sau haramul) de 40 femei, blog care pare el însuşi scris de 40 draci, în frunte cu Timona Sache însăşi.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oregon City Church

03/07/2010, Oregon City, OR. Click on the image for better view.
03/07/2010, Oregon City, OR. Click on the image for better view.

Real Communists

Those mentioned below had a very important role in the history of communism in Romania. However, they have something else in common. Besides everybody getting goosebumps from fear every time their name was mentioned during their whole existence.

First, Lenin. "Lenin's father, Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov (1831–1886), was the fourth child of impoverished tailor Nikolai Vassilievich Ulyanov – born a serf of either Kalmyk or Tatar descent – and a far younger Kalmyk named Anna Alexeevna Smirnova, who lived in Astrakhan." Barely any Russian, if any.

Mother, at least half German.

Petru Groza (sounds a bit like Groschopf, doesn't it?)

Maurer, half Alsatian

Bodnăraş, half German.

Maurer and Bodnăraş did a lot of things against Romanians under the cover of communism, but i want to mention here the crucial role they both played in the naming of Ceauşescu as the conducător of Romania, în 1965. Ceauşescu himself, by name is of Turkish descent. Ceauş (çavuş) în Turkish means sergeant.

Dej, raised in Moineşti by his uncle. His uncle or aunt probably from there.

Romanian Times

From the initial team who started Romanian Times, probably financed by a "generous sponsor"...

Never knew Mr.Ciorba had blue eyes until today... Although i worked with him for a full year at AVX in Vancouver, WA, between August 1999 and August 2000... We had our times in there... I remember "Year 2000" New Year's eve when i was scheduled to work and the lights and power to all the machines went out in there at midnight and some women started to sing Christian songs... Last couple of times i saw him it was really dark, at Starbucks, and there were lots of distractions...

From these two above, Beni Lucescu is in jail and Mircea Lubanovici, well, you know...

Cristian Ioanide died... in the hospital.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Customer Service

Customer service is getting worse by the day. I was really happy i had an option to chat with them as it simplifies it a lot, escpecially the identification part. However, the rest is the same. This adds up to the recent experience with RCA and Telefield. They sent me and phone through an RMA that had the same problem as the first one and a couple more.

Please wait, connecting to server...
Thank you for contacting Startec Customer Care.My name is Juan.May I have your telephone number beginning with the area code please?
George Ion:
Thanks, let me search for the account please.
May I please know your full name and address including  zip code?
George Ion:
George Ion
George Ion:
Account is on Angelica Ion
George Ion:
47 Eagle Crest Dr.#10
George Ion:
Lake Oswego Oregon
Thank you so much for providing me that information. will be happy to assist you with that request.You said can not call lond distance.
George Ion:
online landlines to Romania
George Ion:
i tried to landlines and one cell, only cell was working
George Ion:
on landline i get a message in English saying phone number has been disconnected although they said they had tone on the phone
May I know the number you are calling from?
George Ion:
When was last time you tried to call?
George Ion:
right now while typing here i tried on more time
May I please know the message you recieved?
George Ion:
it's in American English, the classical the number you just dialing has been disconnected or no longer in use
George Ion:
the number you just dialed has been disconnected or no longer in use
George Ion:
it's a message you can only here in US
George Ion:

it's a message you can only get here in US
George Ion:
May I know the number you are calling to?
George Ion:
in time, i learned that if anything is wrong on their side, i will get messages in Romanian
George Ion:
011 40 231 525 833
Which country are you trying to reach?
George Ion:
as i said so many times before, Romania
George Ion:
40 is the prefix for Romania
Thank you, please hold on, I need to report this to our technical department to you get a resolution for this issue in the next 24  to 48 hours.I will give you a ticket number.
George Ion:
can you send it at
It is better you wait for it.I will create it fast.
George Ion:
if there's an option, please send it in an email, at your convenience. I have to go places now.
You will recieved a callback.
George Ion:
k got to go now
George Ion: