Thursday, July 21, 2016

Things We Are

Lucian Blaga

Things we are among things.
Almost souls we are you and i,
By destiny we are what we are
Things we each carry so far,
Thoughts like stones, sometimes stars
And always desires.

On his own road each
would go forever somewhere,
Would go together, always together
But the road of clouds is too big
In our world altogether.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


by Lucian Blaga

what sea you carry in your soul and who are you?
Sing one more time your wish,
to listen you
and seconds to resemble buds
From which eternities will bloom for real.


Lucian Blaga, 1919

When Serpent gave Eve the apple, he talked
with a voice that sounded
From within leaves like a silver bell.
But it also happened he whispered then
something in her ear too
softly, untellable softly,
something not even told in scriptures.

Not even God heard what exactly he whispered
Though he was listening too
And Eve didn't want to tell Adam also.
Ever since, the woman hides under her eyelid a secret
and moves her eyebrow like telling
she knows something
we all don't,
and nobody knows,
not even God.