Friday, January 16, 2015

Death Penalty

One purely juridical argument against death penalty.

Death penalty is a remnant of the past.

A past when (land)lords didn't want to spend much time into arguing and wanted to teach easy lessons to their serfs. Now that we have evolved into a society of law, we could afford to be more lenient.

But sometimes there are horrible cases of stubborn serial killers like the one just revealed in the international press.

By (physically) destroying one person you destroy one person's memory. And with it any chance of recovering information about other crimes that he/she might have witnessed or committed and could prove valuable into establishing someone's innocence. Even a serial killer might have committed crimes that he did not confess, remember or have not been discovered. His/her later testimony/confession may help society by exonerating somebody else. Sentencing a person to death penalty carries a 99% percent chance of destroying evidence pertaining to other cases.

It had been argued that there is a cost paid for by society for keeping them alive and it would be cheaper to just kill them.

But they usually are not killed right away. The decades spent on appeals that (sometimes) overlap the entire rest of their lives come at even a higher cost as their (mostly paid by public) defense and continued prosecution is also paid for by society. Expenses for people that are in prison for a long time for much lesser offenses are also paid for by society.

But in the case of hardened criminals, they usually have been living in environments of crime. The bigger the offense, the more likely a prisoner might have had the chance to witness/commit other major crimes and posses valuable information again for helping exonerate innocents.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Great Pyramid and Earth Precession

The rotation axis of the Earth is inclined relative to the plane of its orbit around the Sun. In the same time, the orbit itself is not a perfect circle, but an ellipse. More than that the rotation axis which is constant around 23 degrees wobbles within a 23 thousand years cycle (coincidence of numbers). This rotation of the axis with 23 thousand years period is called precession. But it is so slow it would not make any noticeable difference to others than astronomers within let's say 1000 years.

(The images above are not distorted but exaggerated showing the orbit of Earth around Sun is not a circle but an ellipse with Sun in one of the centers. In reality that ellipse is within 5% of being a circle.)

Because of the inclination of the rotation axis, Earth is never exposed equally within a year to the illumination (and heating) of the Sun. That's why we have seasons. Seasons are in opposition between North and South, thus when we have winter in the northern hemisphere we have summer in southern and the other way around.

And here's where the trouble begins. When let's say northern hemisphere is further from Sun in the same time with Earth being inclined away from Sun in that side of the elliptic we have an ice age in the North. Close to this theory we have

According to this theory the most livable time on the whole planet is right in between of maximum of glaciations or equal glaciations between North and South, or the present moment. And place, around Equator, probably most time. Soon, that is in a few thousand years or so, we're going to start freezing in the southern hemisphere.

This is known to astronomers and to many others as the "astronomical theory of ice ages", although by the general public is confused with pseudoscience.

But here comes the real interesting part. I've been looking through the peep hole that is the northern shaft of the Great Pyramid. (With Stellarium, of course. That is i put in Stellarium - a free planetarium app for Windows and Linux - on the exact coordinates of the Great Pyramid and directed the view towards the direction of the shaft). What i've seen right away is... Polaris. I moved the time to the year 2105 when by astronomical predictions Polaris is supposed to point Earth's geographic North within about 14 minutes of an arc (not specified where on Earth from) . From the latitude of the pyramids, it's within just less than a degree.
According to Stellarium, in the year -23650 there was also an alignment of the shaft within less then of a degree.
A few hundred years before 2105, it was within 1.5 degrees or so, so it will be a few hundreds after. Then it starts getting even further. That means Polaris will be the best indication for Earth's geographic North Pole around year 2105.

Through the shaft in that year, we can see it within less than a degree or so, a bit less than today (throughout daily or yearly cycle). That means we are 90 years away from the middle of the cycle.

So will be @ 27820. But Stellarium is not a true astronomical prediction tool. It only works with currently known orbits not affected by gravity. So it gives a predicted precession period of about 25700 years instead of other calculations of about 25920.
At any other time, Earth geographic North Pole is away from Polaris, the furthest right in between, when Polaris is at double the inclination angle, 2x23 decrees, that is about 46 degree.

So, 13000 years from now, "down under" will finally be winter at Christmas time... But in the mean time we will have an ice age at South Pole that would probably include Australia and complete meltdown in North.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Soul

by Ana Blandiana

The soul is something in us
That can not exist on the outside.
How many times it happened to me
To discover
Naked souls in the grass, agonizing.
Had take them with care in my palm
But never
Could find anybody in time
To receive them in self,
Was feeling the cup of my palm, empty
And a mist, untouched by leaves, passing
Doubtful through my body.
The soul is hiding in us
From God?

Assumptions About Masons

I wrote in the previous briefly about masons. An analogy between a masonic ritual, a song and a building style. The presumptive association was done through the assumption that what i know about them is true. But is also possible, as i suspect in the case of Mr.Jinichi Kawakami, that what is projected in videos on the internet might be especially designed for that purpose and it is not part of their rituals, if they had any. I think the safest analogy is with the wave function collapse in quantum mechanics and probably from here comes their strength. In QM, a wave function is in superposition state until observation, when it is reduced to a measurable state. In other words, while unseen, they can do anything (to us).

They also claim their craft lineage comes from Ancient Egypt which might be true. We know about a vague link with pyramids, as it is stated on the one dollar bill. The all seeing eye on the one dollar bill appears physically separated from the body of the pyramid, although virtually overlapping the same (virtual) geometric space. As it was there only through proxy or virtually. Separated by a huge distance but virtually present though some instantaneous, extraordinary large bandwidth connection.

They are recruiting, as they say, good people (to make them better). Proven successful people that will not raise eyebrows after becoming (much) more successful. Some of them are successful writers and philosophers. However, since they raise in their hierarchy through rituals that appear quite simple and do not require intense intellectual effort, we might assume that a superior intellect is not a condition.

Although the rituals appear designed to change profoundly people's mind. About life and death, social relationships and especially the sense of belonging (to a brotherhood). In other minds, reeducation. That usually requires reevaluation of one's life through a different prospective.

Now we all know this is not possible at an adult age. What is possible is literally stunning certain areas of the brains and favoring others. Through rituals that have fear (of death) a major component and rebirth again and again as a declared finality. "Rebirth on a superior, spiritual state". In other words, temporary rewiring of the brain, artificially made permanent. "There is no coming back", or like the other song says, "they can check out any time they want but they can never leave".

Initiations from one level to another which may gradually more and more intense are probably made to renew the stun that covers certain area of the memory and slow down or stop certain mental processes, linked to the previous life in the profane world. Or all the wrong junk from all the wrong places. That is, emotions.

It is safest to assume they get assignments, according to their area of expertise. They will spend the rest of their lives doing the same thing as before, only amplified by the power of the brotherhood. This way they loose their freedom to change their minds sometimes in life about what they did before. Or ever retiring except for major incapacity.

There are two things that trouble me most about "them". First, their knowledge and highly symbolic and never fully understood even by themselves rituals with the purpose of rewiring of the brain, and the way of accomplishing their worldly assignments may come from here

Secondly, they perform some of their art in public. Recently i had a close encounter of the unknown kind with a gentleman performing some act that might come from their (through analogy, it was not the first time, the first time with the step with feet at 90 degrees while crossing the street at a stop light at a busy intersection, this older gentlemen in the recent case was performing in public a step and a motion of the walking stick). As i was walking behind him for quite a while on a one way alley, i was forced to contemplate his act to the end. In the parking lot, there was another gentleman obviously associated with the first one that was assisting him with similar approaches and make his exit easy.

There was no physical contact, only stunning and changing of the state of mind and generally mind.

Changing one person's mind may lead to changing one person's life and if unwanted, raising the feeling of intrusion that generally qualifies as brainwashing. I think legal authorities (in the case they are not formed by themselves) might need to look into this as a restriction to one's freedom (of thought) that point to freedom of expression that some are taking too far.

Many of the comments and auto declarations i've seen so far point to the fact they are contributing to general progress.

I will not start a whole new discussion about this, but i am convinced of the opposite. Major leaps in human development have been done only through individuals, of which i can only think right now of Watt and Tesla. But the list is long. That's why standard measurement units in physics are given the names of these highly dedicated (to self and human development) individuals.

But one thing is sure. In modern times and just before them they were involved in all popular egalitarian movements that overthrew leaders and created social chaos although followed by apparent large scale social justice. I say apparent thinking also of the numerical results in human loss in the past century due to such social upheavals and overturns.

Rock Paper

I once bought (actually, got it for free) a piece of drywall at Home Depot. I wanted to make an experiment, and that was to see how fast the water was going through it. I put it horizontally and poured water and after an hour i saw it didn't even penetrated the outer paper.  And with this occasion i looked closer to it.

Drywall, that is the material for the panels they build houses with is a sandwich made of two sheets of cardboard with calcium sulfate, aka gypsum in between. Building houses in this style is called building with light building materials. It's an architectural vision meant to build fast and cheap.

Calcium sulfate contains about 19% sulfur and 23% calcium.

Museum specimen2
Synthetic gypsum
Natural gypsum
Cast gypsum
Drywall gypsum
Ideal analysis3
23.0 (0.0)4
19.1 (2.2)
22.4 (0.0)
21.9 (0.2)
0.03 (0.01)
1.35 (0.30)
0.05 (0.00)
0.22 (0.01)
18.7 (0.1)
15.1 (1.2)
19.3 (0.2)
18.1 (0.3)
< 13.1
26.7 (8.7)
9.4 (0.9)
0.4 (0.4)
7.3 (4.5)
< 1
264 (129)
1045 (148)
44 (7)
547 (92)
5.5 (2.3)
14.6 (2.9)
9.1 (0.0)
9.4 (1.6)
16.7 (9.4)
30.6 (7.6)
7.5 (0.3)
51.6 (3.5)

But when i looked at it closer i saw they pushed the "light building material" concept even further. It's not all gypsum, it's porous. Somehow, they created tiny bubbles inside the gypsum. Pretty much like for its cousin, the cellular concrete. Differences are concrete is made of silica and much stronger mechanically, less chemically reactive and water sensitive. (Normal concrete if not disturbed or cut is very stable). One way of creating the bubles is with a foaming agent that probably must be evaporated in the end (proof that the material is porous, with some open cells, is that the foaming agent has been removed).

I once picked from one of the walls in the bathroom a  broken piece that had turned brown. I smelled it and it smelled heavily like smoke. It was penetrated in all its volume by smoke. Now i saw why. Because it's porous. Gasses can pass through, especially when vibrated. (Don't ask me how smoke got in there. Probably, a broken chimney at the next entrance. Actually right now i was awakened by the smell of smoke and sulfur. Yesterday at a certain time there where two big (tall) vehicles with building materials and names on them at both entrances seen from the window. In the distance near another building there was a van with, among other, the word move on it).

"Later air entrainment technology made boards lighter and less brittle, then joint treatment materials and systems also evolved". Don't know why in this Wikipedia page right now the word entrainment is used instead of entrapment.

But the trick is those bubbles can be filled in time with sulfur dioxide which can turn into sulfuric acid through combining with water in our lungs. Sulfuric acid is one of the ingredients of vitriol, the material that can dissolve gold (the other name for sulfuric acid is Oil of vitriol).

The proof sulfur dioxide is in there:

(There are also rumors that aluminum from backing powder under the form of the the residual aluminum hydrate, aluminum being the same material the top of the obelisk in Washington DC, "they put it there because at the time of the erection of that obelisk it was very rare and the most expensive material on Earth", is the main cause of Alzheimer).

I once read on a site about the masonic initiation ritual for the first degree. At a certain moment, the apprentice sits alone, enclosed in a room where among others things there is a glass recipient with pieces of sulfur in it. On one the walls is written the word V.I.T.R.I.O.L..

Years ago they were rumors about a secret society probably associated with masonry (they all are) called Skull and Bones. I read the name comes from the contemplation of those, that reminds them constantly how perishable we all are in this world. The main constituent of bones is calcium. (The guy downstairs just made a noise).

On another occasion i read about a masonic ritual called "burning between columns" and it was described like writing on a piece of paper the name of the undesirable person and burning that piece of paper between the columns, that is probably the brethren of the lodge present at that moment.

So what do we got here? Sulfuric acid - Oil of vitriol, calcium, aluminum, paper with the name Sheetrock written on with huge letters. A fan inside the floor vibrating everything that probably symbolizes the eternal flame (of you know who). And a guy downstairs that moves and makes noises when i get mad and curse in my mind.

(Add to all this the flying at any vibration mineral insulation in the walls and attic known as rock-wool. May come from basaltic lava. May contain silica. And tar, the ingredient the roof shingles are made off, together with sand (mainly silica). Tar is the same ingredient they say it's boiling in the tar bowls in Hell, according to some cultures. According to others, a lake of fiery sulfur. When turned to dust, due to, you guessed, vibration, it also flies around and into your lungs and digestive system.)

Any of the toxins enumerated above in limited amounts, like any toxins, in the beginning, may give you a high and/or addiction.

Why anybody so far didn't think of it this way? Because it's too insane.

And all these things remind me of a song that is on the tops right now.

"Boys only want love if it's torture
Don't say I didn't say I didn't warn you"

"Cause we're young and we're reckless
We'll take this way too far and leave you breathless
Or with a nasty scar
Got a long list of ex-lovers
They'll tell you I'm insane
But I got a blank space baby
And I'll write your name"