Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Song Of A Young Miner

Otilia Valeria Coman

Today i floated, lover, on greater bluish waters,
So you can squeeze the shirt that moulded on my spine,
And on the waters i have been thinking of our hearts,
But you've been calling - can turn me any time!
And then, i came back from the waters,
And here is my proof - a handful of shells.

Today i roamed, my lover, through forests deep and seas,
The hidden paths were tearing the clothes i had on me.
And in the big woods i have been thinking of our eyes,
But you've been calling - your call went right through me;
And then, i came back from the big woods,
And here is my proof - a handful of leaves.

Today i lost me, lover, through big layers of time
From my face wipe me, lover, the dark and my years too,
It almost seemed i walked millennia with you,
But you've been calling - your voice came faint to me
And i got scared i won't be back in time,
And started pushing forward the piles big of time
Towards the future - and here i am at you.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hilson, Timbaland

Used and mismanaged, two of the best artists in American contemporary music. This video came out way better than intended, due to natural talent of the two. Or maybe it was the exact negotiated compromise. Or how we can still savour entertainment, though among hiccups.

Which reminds me of:

By the way, in my opinion, appology is overrated. There are too many people appologizing around and continuing doing the same damn thing.

Keep Portland Weird

"Wyrd is a concept in Anglo-Saxon culture roughly corresponding to fate or personal destiny. The word is ancestral to Modern English weird, which retains its original meaning only dialectically."

Ethics in Germanic Neopaganism are guided by a concept of personal ørlög or wyrd, encompassing the notions of both fate and luck. The belief in Wyrd — a concept of fatalism or determinism,[12] similar to some Graeco-Roman concepts of destiny is a commonly held belief amongst most Germanic Neopagans.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Clear Channel, San Antonio, Texas

Very few know that the most important radio stations in Portland, Oregon are owned by a single entity, based in San Antonio, Texas. I didn't do any research to see how customary is this in the US but to me is odd. Anyways, that wouldn't be any problem to me if the themes of the songs would not be synchronized among stations and with some people activity and even thoughts, in real time. The playlists of the past are there to prove it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Organized Stalking

"Groups that participate are organized vigilante, cult style right-wing hate groups. Unfortunately, to make matters worse these groups are protected by police officers who are actually members of right wing extremist groups. Of course not all police officers participate, but rather than expose one of their own officers who are members or know these groups personally, they will remain silent. The officers who do participate will go as far as making a victim appear insane or mentally ill to shut them up, and destroy that persons credibility so no one will be able to defend themselves. They do this by using the power of law enforcement, and taking a person against their will, to a hospital that will give them a psychiatric exam. Corrupt psychiatrist also lie, and cover up the crime as well. Now that they are powerless, none will listen. Further destroying the targeted individuals reputation." 

What authority in its right mind would accept those exists, anyway.

But what is described above is children's play.

Here are a couple of examples of what's happening to me on daily basis. There are rare moments when i don't hear above or see a plane from the windows, most of the time with the engine revved up and flaps down all the way, making the most possible noise at the lowest speed. One can use the site to see what's happening at any moment in the past except for the last two hours during day time above the Eagle Crest dr at the western border between Lake Oswego and Portland, Oregon. The speed for a craft is not displayed, but from the map scale and the timer you can easily figure the speed, which sometime gets down to 70-80 mph, above highly populated areas.

I'm going to describe below the flight of too helicopters i saw (and heard!) today. And i will try to continue to keep track on any violation on this blog.

One in the parking lot an WinCo Foods, Tigard, Oregon, and the other above the parking lot where i live, Lake Oswego, Oregon, the last one barely above the trees. WinCo is at about 300 ft above sea level and where i live i am at about 700 feet and the helicopters were at about 1100 something in both cases according to the webtrack site that unfortunately does not have the elevation of the terrain into the database like Google Earth. I didn't want to use the camera to give them the opportunity to say that i might use the flash bla bla. "Over congested areas, which could mean a city or a populous open-air event such as a football game, the FAA requires a minimum safe altitude of 1,000 feet above the highest obstacle within 2,000 horizontal feet of the aircraft" . "Because helicopters have the capability to hover, the FAA grants them a considerable exception to minimum safe altitude rules. Helicopters may operate below the minimums provided they are not endangering persons or property on the ground and as long as they are in accordance with any specific routes or altitudes prescribed by the FAA in particular areas, such as controlled airspace over cities or around airports." But the last helicopter almost touched the trees and the cell phone tower on the top of the hill about 300 feet W from where i live and that is at about 1000 ft.  And the one at WinCo honestly seemed at about 300 ft above the store, and would not the first time when webtrack is mistaking. Click on the pictures to see them enlarged.

There was a construction job going on across the street for about two weeks. Actually i can hear a hammer right now.

The garbage company does not take care of the dumpster that is 30 feet from my window. I cleaned it last week and put some dolomite mineral at the bottom for disinfection and in a few hours it 25% of it was filled with open, spilled bags of garbage already fermented probably coming from somewhere else. I wrote in an email about it and yesterday i saw it was filled with nicely closed white bags all the way to the top so no one could see what happened. Every morning when i have a meal ready to eat for me when i'm alone or with my wife, at any hour, the truck of the garbage company comes, hits the bumper speed in front of the window, shakes the house and then empty the dumpster 30 feet away. No matter how little dust is on the walls, some falls into the food.

The people at the apartments across the street cut a couple of big trees, two to three weeks ago milled them and the left the mulch in two big piles about 5 ft tall next to the side-walk. After 3 weeks, they stink like yeast, so is everything inside the apartment.

And sometimes at night some people are burning garbage or probably even drugs in stoves, or in cars in the neighbourhood. Some times my cars smell strangely after i drive them, i suspect somebody puts things on the exhaust so when it gets hot start smelling to say i am doing it so they have a "reason" to retaliate. The Police once told me that in the building some people have medical marijuana permits and that's the reason of the strange smell that gets into my apartment. The apartment is filled with cigarette smoke from the ground level neighbor anyway most of the time. One night when the place was filled with smoke i went outside and saw a garage with an opened door. When i looked inside, there was a round heater glowing red and a small pile of some substance smoking on the concrete floor. That's where the smoke was coming.

There is always a larger than normal number of cars on the street or patrolling in the parking lot. Delivery or various service trucks that get "lost" or "looking for an address".

But for all this to happen, they probably need feedback. Accelerometers from computer hard drives or mice can make good sensors. They can even be used to input very limited but decisive information in you computer instructing it to start a certain program giving them "more reasons to retaliate". If they have access to an apartment for invented reasons, they can install software on the computers that can do or track various things including sounds, vitals signs or EM fields. Environmental EM frequencies can be used to activate any microphone in any device, especially when turned off. A simple wire hanging loose can become a microphone activated by environmental residual EM frequencies. Cell phones can be easily hacked. Etc. Some of these things probably happen at different levels in their organizations and probably the lower levels don't know some of them.

Monday, May 21, 2012

And My Dear Is Still Goodbying

Hopefully one day we-all are going to find out what is the name of the clothe she's wearing, who designed it and who has the damn copyright.

Which reminds me of:

Acting on Wrong Assumptions

"What a tangled web we weave"

Implying or creating time synchronized information that is not related to but makes it statistically reasonable for someone to believe something that is not real, isn't similar to tempting?

Knowingly creating situations that are statistically more likely to cause someone to fail in their actions, or damage to their health isn't similar to persecuting?

Creating or bringing in the spotlight events or information similar but unrelated with other events with the purpose of creating confusion,  hesitations, misinterpretations, lowering resolve or forgetting, isn't that misleading?

Creating a string of events that verify each other and storing all the information created with the purpose of justifying one of them, usually the most important, in case it succeeds, can't event think of a definition here.

Breaking daily and hourly numerous other laws in the process of committing all of the above.

How many times these misdoings are multiplied over the years and if they are many people involved and everything is coordinated so the above mentioned informations and situations are integrated into the larger picture of an entire fake reality with the purpose of verifying each other down to a certain level?

What kind of society is the one that allows all this happen within its structure of authorities?

Băsescu Look-Alike

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Arteries, Blood Volume

If with age or disease arteries narrow down to 50% in diameter as they say, that means 2/3 in space volume inside the artery that means that those people have up to 1/3 less blood than normal people, (veins do not narrow or dilate accordingly, half of the blood is stored in arteries). Never heard of anything like this, there must be something wrong with this theory.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Am Radical

by Adrian Păunescu - Aug, 1, 1988

I am radical
more precisely
i am for keeping
of a right balance
between lie and truth,
between heroes and heroes
between plus and minus,
i am radical,
more precisely,
i am getting sick of the socialist demagogy
more than
of the bourgeois demagogy
because i feel it
pressing me from much closer.

I am radical,
i think it is not good, the law
that punishes you more severely
if you kill a bear
than if you kill a man,
and even more,
punishes you more severely
if you speak,
if you have opinions,
than if you kill.

I am radical,
that is i imagine
if the equation
"the people have chosen us
we speak in the name of the people,
we govern in the name of the people,
we build the socialism
with the people and for the people,"
is true,
it is not right
to destroy of man
his house, his town or village,
without asking the man;
ten students have declared at school,
when the teacher asked them
what good deeds have they done,

in that day,
they helped an old woman
to cross the street
but why so many,
the teacher wondered
because the old woman
didn't want to cross the street
they answered.

About this would be the situation
i am radical
and i look in the face,
if the old woman doesn't want to cross the street
it is difficult
to sell yourself
that you are best among others
because you force her to cross,
and things are just like this
the old woman doesn't want
to cross the street.
the old woman is not on the street,
there isn't even a street,
and the old woman is not even old
just a nervous country
that would have to cross.

I am radical,
that is i am terrified
by the remorses
that can not save anything anymore
especially the life
that stubborns anyway
for the past few generations
to go to hell.

I am radical
i like prunes, peaches,
summer apples, freedom,
the woman, the historical frontiers,
and incense flavored grapes.

I am radical,
i could dictate a poem
even from a public phone,
but i am radical also
if i mention that
i could do this
only if the one
to whom i dictate
would have a phone.

I am radical,
i believe that Marshall Ion Antonescu
if he would be re-judged
by an impartial tribunal
would be declared
without hesitation,
hero post mortem of Romania
and universal martyr
at least after the reading
of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact.

I am radical,
i believe in the value of cabbage leaf
applied in the painful areas
of the body.

I am radical
i don't believe it exists
a more ugly angel
and a more beautiful demon
than man
and, even more that that,
i don't believe it exists
a more fruitful accident
and a more contradictory law
than man.

From myself
and from the others
i extract the square root
and i realize it is only water,
water in a state of thought,
water with soul and whirls,
water, in an incurable
chemical formula.

I am radical,
when it rains
and when it snows
and when they talk about me,
about the water that i am,
about the water that i am.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Better Watch What You Say

"There are times when all the world's asleep,
the questions run too deep
for such a simple man.
Won't you please, please tell me what we've learned
I know it sounds absurd
but please tell me who I am.

Now watch what you say or they'll be calling you a radical,
liberal, fanatical, criminal."

Monday, May 14, 2012


Last time when my Windows (7) crashed it was when it overfilled my 20 GB partition with SP1, about 1 year ago. It downloaded it and then increased my partition occupancy by 1 to 2 GB. Although i had all updates contained in SP1 already on my computer as i had my automatic updates turned on. Since i wasn't expecting anything like that, i knew i had about 1 GB free on my partition it definitely pissed me off and i started seriously thinking on migrating to Linux. Not that i love Linus Torvalds or any in the community so much. Seriously. I think they're OK and they're doing a good job trying to put up a competition to Microsoft, for free.

But now this morning something crossed my mind. I used to run Windows at idle in about 350 MB out of my 2 GB. Those are Windows processes only on a pretty typical if not outdated hardware.

So out of my 20 GB of Windows code on my hard drive, i'm using about 0.15%. Now we know those dlls have many copies in there as 7 and other Windows versions keeps all the dll versions for reversing updates, and all the downloads for some reason if not for reference in case of lawsuits, saving at each restore point, i don't know, i think overall there's 4-5 identical copies of each piece of code in there.

But my computer most of the time doesn't use not even 10% of those 50-100 processes in those 350MB of memory i just mentioned as they don't do anything most of the time. Most of the time there's 4 or 5 processes running, one probably manages memory, the video driver, network manager, windows manager and the one that actually does something. That one is probably the browser, but of course, the most overlooked and active and ubiquitous is the free and famous Flash from Adobe, formerly from Macromedia, that runs inside the browser, that uses about 90% of the processor time compared to all other processes and, of course, annoys us the most and most of us don't even know it exists. We can only feel its presence on the flashing commercials on the screens. Now flash washes some if its sins by powering youtube, and who of us would give that one up!

Some people write emails or input data. That doesn't even scratches the back of the enormous power of today's computers. Most of the load occurs when scrolling up and down or moving windows on the screen when the system has to redraw the window with everything on it so many times per second.

Why that loads it so much? That is another mis(t)ery. I once wrote a piece of code, a stereo spectrum analyser based on a fast Fourier transform, similar to the one in iTunes (the optional animated bars in top of it). Not using any of the graphic libraries, just API calls as i remember, for initialisations and drawing a line. It was calculating the fast Fourier transform in ten points for each channel in a loop about ten times a second redrawing anything at the same pace in a resizeable window, with colours to chose and scale. It was all 44K, but i think that's because you cannot write in Windows programs with API calls much shorter that that. It is still out there iguess on softpedia anyone to see. I will put a link. It is still buggy as i abandoned it but it works enough to show it's working. But the point is i once launched it ten times on the screen and it was working on each window and it wouldn't even "move" the processor. And that was a 400 MHz computer.

The irrational use and reuse of libraries at Windows got them to the point that there's probably more than 90% overhead on most of their software from the programming point of view, those discussed above are separate issues, but they should at least have taken care and brushed up the graphical part of it, especially since this is all it is, a graphical OS with other vague capabilities, and on top it's called Windows!

So a whole industry that builds hardware, memory, hard drives, motherboards, monitors, modems, routers, fiber optics, etc, i'm too mad to think of now, that works efficiently just to piss the crap out of everybody. I mean to run Flash.

And they didn't even took enough care to design those as to be IMPOSSIBLE to get viruses or malware or whatever it's called now. Or maybe they had their reasons. IBM designed the first PC and put if out there for every manufacturer. Once out there it never changed, only improved.

Now after all the technological wonders they really achieved as far as speed and performance, we have to migrate our personal data to cloud as it is not safe and portable on our own devices.

So let's summarize for Windows:
Efficiency of hard drive occupancy: 0.015%
Efficiency of RAM memory real use: 10%
Efficiency as using the processor (competing against flash): 1-10%
Overhead in irrational use/reuse of libraries? probably over 90%
Overhead of needles machine code instructions in most used code: probably 90%
Efficiency of running Flash: up to 90% on older hardware
Built in by design malware protection: little
Efficiency as saving us time as being maintenance free: it depends on everybody's perception.
Efficiency of being worry free?
Efficiency of keeping our data safe?
Efficiency in pissing everybody off?
Efficiency in spying?

Now isn't this the most impressive technological blunder of all human enterprises ever?

Now i remember this conversation with the manager of a small software division i worked for, and he convinced me about the necessity of using object oriented programming as being a technique of reusing code. Anyways i had to agree with him cause he was the boss.

That might be true for small and custom projects when you have readily available libraries, but now looking at Windows through a historical prospective, i think it would have been rational to write and rewrite everything from scratch, because we are not interested in that type of efficiency and economy and using can programming when talking about software that repeats that overhead continuously and as we speak on hundreds of millions of computers.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Love Poem

by Ana Blandiana

we each carry only one love in us
but mine is for you and yours... for another.
and fire consumes both of us
but i burn for you and you... for another
i wait for a word, you wait for a word
but me from you and you... from another.
i see in your sleep your face ravishing
but you in your dream still see the other...
and what still remains when destiny knows just
to part us?
don't you have pity? we just live to love, although you another
but i still... you!


by Lucian Blaga - 1924

There's so much silence in the air i think i hear
the moon rays hitting in the windows.

a foreign voice awoke
and sings a song of wish
that isn't mine.

They say the ancestors who died without age,
with young blood still in veins,
with passions left in blood,
with living Sun in passions,
come to live again
in us
their unlived life.

There's so much silence in the air i think i hear
the moon rays hitting in the windows.

Oh, who knows - soul, in what chest you will sing
you too again over the ages
on chords of silence sweet,
of harp of darkness, choked desires
and broken joy of living? Who knows?
Who knows?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Two Google Searches And A Link

Lenin Statue

Hitler Salute


Am început să cred, deşart, că România s-a dat pe brazdă. Că după 22 de ani de democraţie şi-a secretat, în sfârşit, o elită, ce-i drept mai flămândă decât normal, în stare să o scoată din faza critică. Dar cu 90% din banii de la FMI ducându-se pe apa sâmbetei iar cu restul plătind bugetarii, după cum spunea Simona Tache, România, în moarte clinică, dansează un dans telecomandat.

Elita României zace pe lângă canal şi pe lângă fostele puşcării de exterminare sovietice în morminte câteodată neştiute.

Ce au avut în comun ultimele 3 guverne?

Au fost trei pitici. Unul chiar pe bune, ceilalţi doi, tineri şi compatibili, mă uitam cum se uită la colegii lor de partid, mai vârstnici şi mi-am dat seama din priviri cum încearcă să le ghicească dorinţele, piticindu-se în faţa lor.

De săptămâni sondează ţara cu liste şi cu feedback corectându-şi imagina şi vopsesc realitatea ca să li se potrivească mai bine şi trag de timp până la alegeri în toamnă, când totul va intra într-o mereu nouă, (im)previzibilă normalitate.

Guvernele îşi pasează unul altora "problema", fără să o cunoască, căci o problemă odată cunoscută e pe jumătate rezolvată. Adevăratele probleme, incompetenţa, impostura, şi în final dependenţa de ordine din afară, domnilor, le căraţi mai departe cu voi. Acestea sunt problemele care vă apasă umerii, piticindu-vă.