Friday, May 26, 2017

Scientology Provocation

Just by digging into my memory and the internet as we know it these days i found numerous events that cannot be explained except through the following theory:

Based on a treaty historically known as the Percentages Agreement between then leaders of the world Winston Churchill, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin and Franklin D. Roosevelt Romania after WWII was placed in a so called intersection of influences with 10% influence by UK and US and 90% by the Soviet Union.

While most of situation post war in Romania was influenced by Soviet Union, and that was the cleansing (physical elimination) of intellectuals and building of a soviet type infrastructure, there was some activity mostly hidden from sight on the part of the western WWII ex-allies.

(Lately i even came to believe that at least two of the signatories of the Agreement, that is what was known to us as Stalin and Churchill where impostors (didn't have time to dig on Roosevelt yet) that is other persons, in the case of Stalin of Japanese origin.)

That activity involved the cultural side of Romanian life, and had manifested through introduction of foreign artists which assumed Romanian identities and acted towards the propagation of a certain flavor of western culture.

Most of this activity was not directed necessarily towards Romania which remained a broken country who never came back to real independence after that war but targeted towards the Russian population and generally infusing foreign (western and eastern) cultural elements in that geographical space.

A special role in this post WWII action was played by the Church of Scientology. An educated person, Sci-Fi author and ex-Navy Commander, Hubbard took the task of creating a cult that was meant to accomplish a number of things, like recovering of drug addicts from US cultural scene who probably where created for that purpose through different programs in the first place, brainwashing them to the point of executing unconditionally military tasks in the US and any part of the world.

While taking part in missions in countries like Romania (which was legally possible under that treaty), the members themselves helped creating situations that brought back material that was used to convince the other members of the reality of their cult so they continue their devotion, like in a cycle. That included footage of filmed material proving the appearance here on Earth of Xenu and his powers which was proved by proximity and involvement with those artists.

(In Scientologic mithology Xenu is the villain who supposedly imprisonned on Earth the immortal tethans, bringing them from the overpopulated galaxy about 75 million years ago, tethans (souls) who nowadays fiercely compete to incarnate in a limited pool of human bodies.)

Don't need to mention the number of rules and laws violated in the process, if only to mention US laws.

I am trying to bring to the attention of the public and legal authorities in the US especially the part of secrecy and privacy violation part. Members of the Church are being scammed of money (for the psychological purpose to seal their motivation) in order to be shown those materials that may also violate the right of privacy of many persons.

It is not conceivable they can posses those materials and use them exclusively for their propaganda behind closed door in huge private establishments (compounds) without the American general public to be able to see them.

The Church of Scientology gained religion status during first Clinton presidency. There is no known religion on Earth that would allow such practices and organisation on levels of secrecy.

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